13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Netflix’s Most Controversial Show

13 Reasons Why is an American TV series by Brian Yorkey. It is based on the novel ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ by Jay Asher. The story of this American Teen TV series revolves around a young girl ‘Hannah Baker’ who takes her own life after facing gossips, bullying and sexual assault towards her in Liberty High School’ She records 13 tapes before she takes her life explaining why she did it. It is considered to be the most controversial series of Netflix.

There are currently three seasons released yet. This series is fans favorite because it revolves around high-school life, explains what students usually face in high school.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Release Date

There is no news yet on the release date of 13 Reasons Why Season 4, but it is releasing this year(2020). However, it is official that this is going to be the final season of 13 Reasons Why.


The cast is going to be the same as in previous seasons.

Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Grace Saif as Ani Achola, Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla, Alisha Boe as Jessica Devis, Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley, Miles Heizer as Alex Standall and Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey. Also, there is a new actress joining the cast.

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Justin Prentice in the show?

Yes, he is going to be in the final season, but only in the flashbacks, like Hannah Baker.


We all know, Bryce Walker was murdered in season 3, and the whole season was about finding out who murdered him. In the season’s finale we finally find out who it was, it was Alex, though Zach made this happen. So, Ani and her friends deceive the cops by providing them with a fake story, that it was Monty who killed Bryce Walker.

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We also see Winston who was Monty’s boyfriend confronting Ani and telling her that Monty was with me at the time of the murder. The expected plot is Winston trying to convince everyone that it was not Monty. Also, we get to see that the guns of Tyler were discovered by some people in a boat, this could be a bad thing for tyler, it might lead back to Tyler. Clay helped Tyler so obviously he is also going to be in danger if Tyler gets caught.

What happened in 13 Reasons Why Season 3?

In the first episode of Season 3, they solved the mystery, how Clay Jensen and his friends save Tyler from the cops and from making the mistake that he was going to regret later. Tyler becomes the punisher by bringing ammunition and guns to the party, where he was going to punish everyone who did wrong to him and hurt him, this happened on the season 2 finale.

Tyler in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

We first get to see that Bryce went missing after the big game. Later on, they show us that he was actually murdered. The cops and Bryce’s mom suspected that it was Clay Jensen who murdered Bryce Walker. It was due to there were previous encounters between them that led to Clay trying to hurt Bryce anyway possible. Season 3 was really thrilling as everyone had the motive to kill him. We get to see the Dark Side of Clay Jensen and Good Side of Bryce Walker. Bryce was changing or trying to change. However, nobody was willing to forgive Bryce. Murderer gets revealed in the finale of season 3, Zach beats up Bryce because he breaks Zach’s leg and in doing so ruins his chance of scholarship. Zach breaks his arm and leg, and then Alex and Jessica visit him in that condition. Alex ends up killing him.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Episodes

Expected Number of episodes of 13 Reasons Why Season 4 is 8. It is not confirmed yet. But from IMDb, we can guess. Previous Seasons of 13 Reasons Why had 13 episodes each. So we hope they extend the number of episodes for season 4 too.

We didn’t get to see Katherine Langford much on the screen in season 3, but we hope to see her more in season 4.


In our opinion, the ending of season 3 wasn’t good. No matter what someone has done, you shouldn’t kill them in cold blood and take justice in your hands. Covering the murderer is also a crime.

Even though this show teaches us that bullying, gossips, and assault can lead to someone’s taking his/her life so we should avoid it at all costs and instead, we should help others who are in this mess. Season 3 changed the whole concept, the crew took the justice in their own hands and in the finale living a happy life afterward.

Despite all the flaws, we are all waiting for 13 Reasons Why Season 4 anxiously.

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