Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts Conclusion

22 Years Ago Battle of Hogwarts Ended: Harry Potter

Battle of Hogwarts ended 22 Years Ago in the novels written by J.K Rowling. On 2nd May 1998, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort faced each other for the last time in a Wizard War. Harry Potter won against Lord Voldemort in this battle, and the series was concluded. Later in a movie adaption, we got to see the battle on our screens, which was named “Deathly Hollows Part 2”. If you are a true Harry Potter fan, 2nd May is a really important day for you.

It all began when Harry Potter realized that he is a part of something bigger, and secret. His parents didn’t die because of an accident but a Dark Wizard whom everyone fears, was behind the murder of his parents. After knowing, Harry is a wizard, he finds out the identity of Dark Wizard. He is quite famous in his new school of witchcraft because The Dark Lord couldn’t kill him. Harry’s mom did a protection spell to save him. Because of this, Harry was declared “The Chosen One”. Finally, he faces the great Lord Voldemort, who wants the Philosopher Stone from Harry. With some luck, harry manages to take him down. In someway, Harry faces him in every volume of the series. There are 7 parts of Harry Potter.

  • Philosopher Stone.
  • Chamber of Secrets.
  • Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • Goblet of Fire.
  • Order of the Phoenix.
  • Half-Blood Prince.
  • The Deathly Hallows.
22 Years Ago Battle of Hogwarts Ended: Harry Potter

Character Development

The character development of Harry Potter was remarkable. From a kid who couldn’t keep himself away from danger to a guy ending the whole Wizard War. In his fight with a wizard who murdered his parents, he suffered a lot. Watching his friends die, not being able to protect them. Cedric Diggory, not an actual friend of Harry, however, they were both winners of the Hogwarts Triwizard championship. Cedric didn’t make it back because Voldemort kills him in front of harry just for amusement. In Order of the Phoenix, Sirius Black, Godfather of Harry Potter, gets killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. He was the only relative of Harry Potter. In Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore gets killed by Snape, which was the most epic plot twist in the whole series.

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Battle of Hogwarts

Many plot twists were cleared in the latest part “Deathly Hollows”. It was revealed that the only way to beat/kill Voldemort was to find the Horcruxes and to destroy them. Horcruxes list

  • Diary.
  • Ring.
  • Locket.
  • Cup.
  • Diadem.
  • Nagini.

In their journey, they faced a lot since they were hiding from Lord Voldemort. Later it was revealed, snape was not a traitor, he was just following Dumbledore orders. Snape loved Lily Potter very much, for that, he was willing to do anything for Harry Potter. They manage to destroy every Horcrux except Nagini and later realized that Harry is also Horcrux, in order to kill Voldemort Harry must die. Harry then entrusts the job to kill Nagini to Ron and Hermoine and leaves to face Voldemort. Voldemort without a moment of hesitation kills Harry Potter.

He then brings the body of Harry Potter to Hogwarts as a souvenir. That moment everyone thought that they have lost against Voldemort and his forces, harry wakes up which leaves Voldemort quite confused. Battle of Hogwarts finally concludes when Neville Longbottom kills Nagini. Voldemort not realizing, that actual owner of the Elder wand is someone else, performs Avada Kedavra, which actually ends up killing Voldemort. The owner of Elder Wand was Harry Potter and the wand could never hurt its owner.

Battle of Hogwarts

Who dies in Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter lost some of his very close friends in the Battle of Hogwarts. The most sadistic death was of Snape when Voldemort betrays snape and kills him, and what broke the fans more was learning the truth about Snape.

Another very sad death was of Remus Lupin, he taught Harry how to conjure up a Patronus through Expecto Patronum. Nymphadora Tonks, the wife of Remus, also dies in the battle. Fred Weasley also dies during the battle.

J.K Rowling Launched A Website

J.K Rowling launched a website for the children, to keep them interested and amused. She tweeted:

Parents, teachers, and carers working to keep children amused and interested while we’re on lockdown might need a bit of magic, so I’m delighted to launch http://harrypotterathome.com

J.K Rowling
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