22 years ago Tom Cruise did this iconic Rom-com.

Tom Cruise is an actor who is famous for a decade for doing action movies. He does not do any comedy flicks anymore. Cruise hardly appears in anything comic.

From Jack Reacher To Ethan Hunt of Mission impossible. Tom Cruise is a trademark in Hollywood of action.

Jerry Maguire: Tom Cruise

Tom cruise did the movie alongside Renée Zellweger. The movie gained a lot of appreciation considering that it was Tom Cruise’s romantic comedy before Mission Impossible movies. Tom grabbed a lot of attention from his iconic smile.

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The Plot:

The movie has a very interesting plot considering it was a Rom-0Com. jerry Maguire is a famous sports manager and he works in a very famous Firm.

One day one of his clients gets injured and despite his injury, Jerry’s firm pressures him to play confronting the child of the client jerry feels bad.

So one day he decides to make a Report for his firm that they should focus on the quality, not quantity which results in him losing his Job taking the worker of the firm Dorothy with him.

However, he falls for Dorothy and of course, gets in a good relationship with her kid as well. But Jerry has to do everything to smake his only client Rod successful.

Tom Cruise’s Soft Side:

Tom is one of the few actors who can be deadly serious in an action movie. The mission impossible seems sometimes interested in the action scenes of the movie rather than the chemistry and bonding part with actresses. This is one of the qualities of Tom, he keeps action movies way full of action.

But Jerry Magure really gave the fans insight into how a caring and romantic Tom Cruise will look like.

But tom showed the whole world his electric smile and cool okes and even his drunk hilarious side to the world of cinema.

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Chemistry with Reene:

Well , Tom Crusie may be the charming face on the earth but he can lack a little bit of chemistry on-screen with few actresses like in all the mission impossible’s we did not get the same feeling and vibe we get this in this movie considering it is a romantic flick but name any Tom Cruise movie Mummy, Mission Impossible and even Jac Reacher. The audience feels that Tom is way into action than the actresses which is good but in this movie he shared a special bond with the actress Reene.

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Show Me the Money!

You might have heard this while growing up SHOW ME THE MONEY yes it is the line from this iconic movie of Tom Cruise. Feel old yet! at some point in the movie, Rod and Jerry were having a conversation and rod makes jerry scream SHOW ME THE MONEY with him while Jerry I still in his office yelling his brains out with Rod. Classic.

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