4 Reasons Why Teen Wolf Was The Best Show On MTV

Teen Wolf was released in 2011 on MTV. It became a fan famous and favorite in just a short time. Here are 4 reasons why Teen Wolf is still the best TV show.

WereWolves: Teen Wolf Plot

werewolves are one of the reasons many people started to watch the show. The TV community had many shows related to vampires but Were Wolves were still underrated. So a solo TV show, with Were Wolves became famous faster. For years, it was a huge competition for shows like The Vampire Diaries. it has so many true and loyal fans to this day. The unique plot of werewolves caught the attention of many.

Interesting Plot

Teen Wolf is full of action and thrill. Its story keeps changing introducing new characters with an amazing back story. Teen Wolf is never afraid to introduce new deadly creatures for the fans. From Banshee’s to the long lizards teen wolf has got us covered. And do not forget about the gruesome Darach and Druids. These were some of the horrifying creatures on the show.

The Hale Family in Teen Wolf

one of the best things about this show is the family of Hale’s. It is consists of the Nephew Derek and the uncle Peter. They share a very bittersweet relationship. Derek is honest and compassionate and willing to be the True Alpha, while his uncle is power thirsty and want to become the Alpha and tries multiple times but fails. Even tho they have their differences they still manage to agree at some point, which makes it more interesting to watch the show. The mysterious appearance of the Hale family contributed to making this show more Thrilling.

WereWolves Hunter’s

Another interesting fact about the teen wolf is a concept of the WereWolves Hunter. The Argent family is here to protect their city from any deadly creature. this is an amazing addition to the show where villains are powerful so does the Heroes. Scott and the others have to keep their identities hidden or the hunters will come for them but things become quite different when Scott falls for Allison Argent. Things become way more complicated than we can think and the story becomes amazingly interesting as well. The Werewolves Vs Hunters arc made the first season the thrilling experience for then viewers.

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Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.