Top 5 Anxiety Applicatons

5 Apps to help you with Anxiety Attacks in 2019.

Anxiety and depression are common now these days. There are millions of people who deal with this phenomenon. However, the thing which makes the whole experience of anxiety attacks and depression a little pain is the physical symptoms. These symptoms can really affect one’s life.

These symptoms include shortness of breath and aching of muscles mostly. There are many other physical symptoms of anxiety that you will be shocked to know about.

But, its 2019 nobody has to deal with anxiety and depression alone. You can keep yourself on track and deal with your stress with these apps. These applications are really lofe changers and saviors and there are many reviews on them online as well. People all around the world sharing their experiences with these useful applications.

TalkLife Ltd: Anxiety and depression related help

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Release year2014
CategoryMessaging, interaction.
Founder Jamie Druitt
Ratings 4.5 Google Play

TalkLife acts as an online platform where you can share your thoughts and think online with strangers. It might sound a little bit weird and strange to open up with people online. But, it can really help you with finding people who struggle the same as you.

You can make a community group of your own sharing sorrow of your life with people who might understand what you been through.

How TalkLife Works:

You simply create an account on this platform. Once your account is made you can connect with people and share what you feel on your feed.

It is also scientifically proved that helping and talking with others about your pain can also decrease your anxiety.

Share your experiences with other people and you might find a way to relax your body and mind better. Sharing your story makes you feel light weighted.


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Clam is another app of 2019 which is considered best in relaxing during the anxiety attacks.

release year2013
Founder Michael Acton Smith OBE
Ratings4.2 Google Play


Now some people may ask what are the features of the highly recommended app. The app offers calming sound effects and soothing background pictures. These on-screen scenes can help you in relaxing. Anxiety can be very painful to deal with and distracting yourself with the help of calming pictures and music may help. Bedtime stories are also provided for people who have troubled sleeping patterns.

Th cal app has another feature that helps you in meditating and breathing exercises routinely can also be done through this app.

Apple Award-Winning:

in 2017, the calm app best app of the year at the iPhone-Apple awards. It was a very positive gesture toward mental health.

Headspace: Anxiety and depression related help

release year2010
Founder Andy Puddicombe
Ratings3.8 Google Play


Headspace is another noticeable addition to the list. The app is similar to the calm app and may help people during the anxiety attacks.

Anxiety attacks can be truly scary and might have physical symptoms as well.

But with headspace, you can make a meditating routine for you. Using this app your meditation routine can become a reality and easy for you.

The app can also help you in performing some SOS exercise that might deviate your attention from the frightening attacks.

however, the rating is a little low then he other competition apps as some of the features are to be purchased.

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Color Bump:

Color Bump is actually a game. is developed and distributed by Good job games studio. The game is the best application on the google store.

The game has a simple mechanism that does not bump the ball in the opposite color objects. Simple! the game is a good distraction for its audience. You just have to look up the Color Bump in the store.

It hs a rating of 8.8 on the crazy games. New patterns are introduced monthly for the players.

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Colorfy is another amazing app. Basically, it is a coloring app for adults with amazing pictures to color.

The app acts as a way of distracting one from the horrifying attacks and relax and distract them for a while.

The app was founded by Alexander Gruber. The application is the best source to share your talent with the world. You can also unlock some exciting features.

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