5 Examples of Communication Technology in 2023

5 Examples of Communication Technology in 2023

Communication has never been more important in our fast-paced digital world. As technology continues to shape the way we connect, it is crucial for both businesses and individuals to stay updated on the latest trends in communication. In this blog post, we will discuss the most significant technologies that are transforming the way we communicate. Let’s explore the driving forces behind these advancements.

5 Examples of Communication Technology in 2023

Examples of Communication Technology in 2023

#1 5G

Grand View Research has projected that the global 5G services market will reach USD 1.67 trillion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 52% from 2022 to 2030. This significant growth is mainly attributed to the increasing need for reliable and fast data networks that improve mobile connectivity, driving the expansion of the 5G market in various industries. However, entering the 5G era requires transformation, especially for the telecommunications industry. As the demand for 5G continues to grow, telecom carriers can expect to face network-related challenges such as high costs, security concerns, and potential downtime. Consequently, they will need to address these issues effectively to capitalize on the numerous opportunities that the 5G revolution presents.

#2 Use a Digital Faxing

All companies are more or less dependent on communication and need to securely transfer documents between employees and partners. Until now, fax remains one of the most suitable technologies for this. However, it has also undergone a transformation and now it is online faxing that is actively used. You no longer need a fax machine in the office, just install the iPhone fax application and have a printer. You can store documents digitally directly in the fax app or print whatever you need. It’s safe, standards-compliant, format-free, and fast. This is how companies will comply with cybersecurity measures and maintain a productive team environment.

#3 Real-time communication via SMS

Being able to communicate with a business in real-time, especially through instant messaging platforms like SMS, greatly improves the customer experience. In fact, 75% of millennials prefer using SMS for deliveries, promotions, and surveys. Neural Technologies Signaling suite provides Messaging solutions, including SMS Gateway and SMS Manager systems, which are compatible with Mobile SMSC for mobile network operators. With real-time signaling connection, this solution enables various business use cases, such as connecting with customers.

#4 CCM

Maintaining regular and open communication with your customers can feel like a daunting responsibility. Unless you have someone dedicated to this task full-time, it’s inevitable that you will miss out on opportunities to engage meaningfully.

Nowadays, it is crucial to communicate with your customers in a way that aligns with their preferences and current communication trends. Moreover, you should deliver these communications to any device using an omnichannel distribution method.

Finally, it is crucial to utilize the valuable insights gained from understanding how customers interact with your communication through customer journey mapping and analytics. The MHC EngageCX is a reliable CCM platform that lets you prioritize customer engagement and perception of your company. Create all the content you require within the system, and then schedule its delivery through various communication channels at specific times.

5 Examples of Communication Technology in 2023

#5 Omnichannel Communication

A successful customer communications plan is all about reaching your customers at different stages of their journey and understanding how best to grab their attention, as stated by Gina Armada, President and CEO of MHC.

In today’s world, it is important to remember that many people use multiple devices. However, most customers prefer to be contacted through phone calls, emails, or even traditional mail. Additionally, some customers enjoy receiving text updates about their orders and upcoming sales. Therefore, it is crucial to have the capability to communicate with customers using different platforms, such as print, online, or over the phone.

In 2023, customers have various channels through which you can communicate with them. The ongoing pandemic has further emphasized this trend in communication. People now seek convenience and prefer accessing content without switching devices.


Communication technology is rapidly evolving, and it is essential for companies to stay abreast of the latest trends. The five examples discussed in this post provide a glimpse into what communication will look like in 2023. For businesses to remain competitive, they must invest in updated tools such as 5G networks and digital faxing services that will enable them to communicate securely with their clients.

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