Social Proof Examples

5 Social Proof Examples Used by Friends, Family, and Marketers

According to recent studies, 93% of customers trust online reviews when making a purchase decision.

People trust the words and actions of others over their own thoughts and feelings when it comes to buying online. Too many negative reviews can tank your product overnight as people put a lot of trust in what others think and say.

This is the power of social proof. This short guide will look at some social proof examples and how you can use them to improve your customer’s trust.

Read on to discover how you can use to persuasion power of others to help you grow your brand.

Social Proof Examples

What Is Social Proof?

Social proof is the psychology of persuasion of others. Basically, we are wired to believe that if others like something, then we will as well. We are too afraid of missing out on something great.

If your friends, family, or people you respect trust a product or service, then you are more likely to as well. This is why influencers can persuade many people to buy their sponsored products or why people queue for hours to get into a new restaurant or show.

Let’s dig deeper into how different types of social proof can be of use when you want to instill confidence in your customers.

1. Expert Proof

Using an authority figure to recommend your product or service will build confidence in the minds of others who are less well-informed. If you can get insider specialists to speak positively about your product, brand, or service, then they can prove very influential to others.

Consider inviting a specialist onto a podcast or interview.

2. Celebrity Proof

Use influencer marketing or reach out to celebrity figures and see if you can get them to use their incredible reach to promote your product or service.

Someone famous enough can influence their followers to buy certain products or use services for a price.

3. User Proof

The positive word of someone who has already tried your product or service is powerful. Make sure that users can leave reviews on your website or social media account. However. be sure to respond and mitigate any negative comments, as user influence works both ways.

4. Power of the Crowd

People tend to believe that collective thinking is better than their own individual decisions. They are persuaded by lots of people liking a product or watching a video online.

Start a TikTok account and grow the number of TikTok views you have to persuade others that you are worth following and knowing more about.

5. Word of Mouth

People believe what their friends and family tell them. They are more likely to want something popular in their social circle. If they see their friends following something on social media, they are more likely to follow suit.

Make sure you grow your social media accounts and focus on gaining many views, likes, and subscriptions.

Use These Social Proof Examples

With these social proof examples, you should now be considering some ways that you can grow your following online. Make sure you harness the power of persuasion by convincing others to persuade people for you. That is the real power of social proof.

Masab Farooque
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