5 Top Websites to Read One Piece Manga in 2023

5 Top Websites To Read One Piece Manga in 2023

One Piece is often regarded as the GOAT “Greatest of All Time” in the Shonen Manga series, topping every other series out there. Recently a new manga “Kaguya Bachi” took the spot, but on a macro scale, One Piece is still the best, as it fought the innovations of time itself. With that being said, to get the peak experience, you might want to go through our guide on 5 Top Websites to Read One Piece Manga in 2023.

5 Top Websites to Read One Piece Manga in 2023

It has been decades since the release of the One Piece Manga, and keeping track of all the episodes is quite out of bounds for most people. Then, the hype and the conspiracies, really get to the nerves of most people who are far behind. There is no physical way to keep yourself away from the spoilers oftentimes as well.

Thus, having a good source to read the latest episodes of One Piece Manga is a must, where you can get all the news before spoilers get to you, and take away the peak experience.

Read One Piece

Everyone simply loves to head over to the site, click on the Manga, and start reading it without any ads, or extra steps to follow. At Readonepiece.com, you can just scroll through the whole Manga without needing to click on links, ads, or even the next page.

It has a seamless manga reading experience that the users of One Piece love. That is why is the first and top recommendation to read One Piece Manga Online in 2023.

  • Head over to the link
  • Click on the “Read” for the Chapter you want to read
  • Scroll down and enjoy

Manga Panda

One of the top and most popular sites to Read One Piece Manga Online is Manga Panda, as it has all the old chapters and includes the latest that were recently launched.

You can head over to the site and start reading without any interruptions. The best part is that you can also use your Smartphone to view Manga on Manga Panda through the application.

It is completely free and has various options for readers including the colors, the background, font, and so on. Thus, it is one of the top choices to Read One Piece Manga in 2023.

Manga Plus by Shueisha

If language is something you emphasize, then Manga Plus by Sheuisha is also included in the 5 Top Websites to Read One Piece Manga. It has all the chapters in sequential order in different languages.

Below the Available Languages Title, you can find the language you love, and it will change the Manga to that. It also gives you the date and time for the new chapter release for One Piece.


The most seamless experience is always provided by Viz, a website that you can use to read the One Piece Manga Online in 2023. It doesn’t have anything extra that can frustrate you, or get in the way while reading the Manga.

They are in partnership with Manga Plus which we already mentioned above. If you want to read the old chapters of One Piece, they are available here, but the new ones are on Manga Plus.

Crunchy Roll

Not something that everyone likes, but still exists. Crunchy Roll is included here in our list of 5 Top Websites to Read One Piece Manga in 2023, because of the library, the titles, and the authenticity.

You can make your account, keep track of every little detail, and use the Crunchy Roll App to have a shared history on your Smartphone and Windows PC. You can head over to the website and start reading where you left off, without taking extra time to find anything.

This is something that most people favor more than simply heading to the website and starting to read the Manga. So, with that, we are concluding our list.

In our recommendation, the Top Place to Read One Piece Manga is Read One Piece, Manga Plus, and Manga Panda.

In 5 Top Websites to Read One Piece Manga in 2023, the recommended is Read One Piece, Manga Panda and Manga Plus.

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