6 Best and Free Online Tools to Quickly Copy Text from Image

6 Best and Free Online Tools to Quickly Copy Text from Image

It might sound bizarre to you to swiftly translate photographed text into different languages via a word processing program in 2021. It might sound impossible but with image-to-text converter apps, it is possible with full tilt. Retrieving text from images means convert photos into text. Typing words from images in Microsoft word notepad is a waste of time. It is inescapable. Students, bloggers, and professional writers have to burn midnight candles to type and submit their articles copying text from images on time. 

This is because image quotes and files having unique content. You do not need to be anxious any longer. Fortunately, developers have introduced a robust technology called, optical character recognition. This software scans documents and compares them with fonts stored in its database with 95% accuracy. There are many applications in the market that are programmed to note features typical to the alphabet. But before knowing what those tools are you should be aware of their benefits.

Benefits of Using Online Tools to Quickly Copy Text from Image

There are many uses of online tools that can copy text from images:

Preferably Free

These are preferably free.

Guaranteed Accuracy

It gives guaranteed accurate results like correct grammar structure with no spelling mistake.

Saves Time

Online copy text from image tools saves your time. As it takes long time to copy and write text from images. By using it, you can save your precious time and get report in the blink of an eye

Broaden Business Exposure

You can take written details from images from all business images and store it in one file for future use. This can help you check minutest information about quality work by competitors.

Discover Texts from Social Media Pictures

On social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, you may come across interesting photographs. These images can be the definition of a term or an inspirational statement. These images can be converted into text. Later, you can use this text whenever you need. You may easily generate text from social media pictures using OCR software. It is up to you whether you want to send it to your teacher in an assignment form or to a buddy only to raise his morale.

Converts Hand Written Notes into Text

It also encodes your handwritten notes into text. What you need to follow is upload a picture from your camera in the required section after storing it. You get the text in minutes clicking scan button and your work finishes in a short period of time. One the greatest advantages is that you can share the file with anyone on the planet.

6 Best and Free Online Tools to Quickly Copy Text from Image

Here are 6 best and free online tools to quickly copy text from image:

  1. Prepostseo Image to text Converter
  3. Utilities-online
  4. Imagetotext
  5. Boxoft OCR
  6. ScreenOCR

Losing no time let’s check:

Prepostseo image to text Converter

To turn visual into message, image to text converter by Prepostseo is 1st cutthroat tool. It is ideally free and everyone understands it as its interface is trouble-free. You can go to https://www.prepostseo.com/image-to-text and simply upload an original or cropped image or paste the URL into the given bar; submit the file and finally get the .txt file. If your picture is a blur and of poor quality, this app traces out the text. In addition, it supports various languages and secures data. It is a real kicker as it also captures complex mathematical formula and defines it clearly. It facilitates you to download MS word files.

6 Best and Free Online Tools to Quickly Copy Text from Image


2nd major graphic turned text app is ASPOSE. It is open to all. You can click inside the file drop area to upload or drags drop an image file. By clicking the scan image button OCR process starts. It displays the results in seconds. Moreover, you can download the text file or copy it to the clipboard using this app easily. For digitizing books this image to text converter is an excellent tool.

6 Best and Free Online Tools to Quickly Copy Text from Image


If you want to be free from typing text from the image to word file, Utilities-online.info is 3rd best free online tool you can use by visiting: https://utilities-online.info/. Like the rest of OCRs, it is free to download. It is always available and is tested virus-free. It makes it secure and safe to use.

Image to Text Converter


It is 4th perfect device that metamorphoses images into text. If you are seeking to convert photos to text, you do not need more surfing the net. imagetotext.info quality-transfers your screenshot or captured images into text hassle-free. Imagetotext.info  accept all extension like PG; *.JPEG; *.JPE; *.JIF; *.JFIF; *.JFI. Some other formats are also acceptable such as BMP, PNG, or TIFF, etc.

Boxoft Free OCR

Boxoft is 5th completely free OCR to bring out text from multiple types of images.

You can analyze multi columns text via this app. It also supports multiple languages. These languages are English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque and more. You can edit text right away to reduce the amount of work you have to do.


If you wish to have user-friendly interface as well as inexpensive license, 6th best and free web screenshot OCR will be ScreenOCR.

You must download it not to retype the text from captured images in an efficient way. Likewise, it can translate images from 20 languages.

Features of Best and Free Online Tools to Quickly Copy Text from Image

The following are some of top free online features of tools for swiftly copying text from image:

  1. Image to text engines re-creates all types of images into the native format. After reading it, no one can say the text is re-created document by AI.
  2. The final text is 100% free from grammatical errors and is coherent like that of a living being. You can share your scanned copies via automatic index.
  3. When it comes to dealing with multi languages, its reliability is 100%.
  4. As inappropriate color images make the text difficult to see so the above-mentioned tools fully approve their legibility.
  5. OCR mechanism publishes manuscripts with a wide range of file types such as PNG, JPG, BMP.GIF, JPEG, and TIFF.  
  6. To use these tools is not a rocket science for digital generation. Dragging and dropping image and clicking scan button start the OCR process. The default setting works wonders for quick tasks.

To cut a long story short, the above-mentioned 6 foremost and free e-images to text converter programs deserve giving a good shot.

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