Top 6 Shows You Must Watch Before Summer Ends

Summer is about to end, and soon it will be time to say goodbye to waking up late and staying up late watching movies and shows. Don’t be sad because we are here recommending the must-watch shows on HBO, so you can end your summers in a good way! HBO has always blessed us with quality and addictive shows, it surely has never been a disappointment. Here is the list of top 20 shows, which you should totally watch if you haven’t yet!

The Wire: Top Rated show on HBO

The Wire, produced by David Simon, looks at the Baltimore drug scene from the viewpoint of both the police and the street pharmacists, giving imperfect however profoundly human, thoughtful appearances to the two sides of the medication war.

It goes up against the internal city sedate issue from each point of view, from the lawmakers chose for stamp out medications to the dispersion directs that get the medications to a defective training framework that produces street pharmacists to the group fighting that results and the writers doled out to cover the medication exchange from all edges.

It’s a fantastically itemized arrangement that opposes desires every step of the way as it gives watchers arresting, addictive, look into a world that the vast majority of us have never comprehended past paper features.

The Wire on HBO

The Sopranos: This HBO show has a 9.2/10 rating on IMDb.

The Sopranos is about New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano. He’s running a wrongdoing syndicate; putting hits out on his foes, and he has rivals — and the FBI — surrounding him.

But at the same time, he has a rural family he needs to ensure, kids he needs to raise, and marriage he needs to support. With such weight, Tony starts to look for treatment to help with the fits of anxiety, to adapt to the nervousness that adjusting his family life and a profession in wrongdoing produces.

Maker David Chase takes a reprobate who knows he’s a lowlife and discovers approaches to cause us to identify with and feel for him. Striking for being one of TV’s most pivotal arrangement, The Sopranos is a staggering, shockingly influencing, regularly clever family dramatization punctured with snapshots of annihilating viciousness, and it additionally brags one TV’s most polarizing, intensely discussed arrangement finales ever.

Six Feet Under

Six feet Under, Alan Ball (screenwriter) set out to make a family show that concentrated similarly on the Fisher family and their sadness after the family patriarch surrenders to the business end of a city transport, and tales about the bodies they cover every week as burial service parlor proprietors and the friends and family to whom they sell boxes.

Every scene starts with a demise (beginning with Nathaniel Fisher, Sr. in the pilot), and the remainder of the scene investigates its repercussions, how it influences the survivors, and how, specifically, the lapse of that life plays into the lives of the Fisher family.

It likewise investigates passing as an industry, the cool business of kicking the bucket — the monetary abuse, the segregated corporate diversifying, and the cutout, sequential construction system preparing of bodies.

At last, Six Feet Under is the best assessment of death at any point put on the little screen, but at the same time, it’s a cheerful arrangement for the manner in which it utilizes the death toll to demonstrate a point about living.

Band of Brothers |The Pacific

The adaptation of Stephen E. Ambrose’s 1992 non-fiction book of a similar name, brought to HBO by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, pursues the “Simple” Company from preparing through its support in a few noteworthy fights in World War II up until the Japanese gave up and the war finished.

Carefully looked into (with specialists who were entirely Easy Company), Band of Brothers is the best anecdotal record of World War II at any point recorded.

It’s an exceptional arrangement that catches the viciousness of war, just as the courage — and imperfections — of its characters.

Nothing else approaches, truly, to catching the genuine feeling of penance of these men, nor reporting the trudge and triviality of war — significant lots of fatigue punctuated by outrageous viciousness.

It’s a frightening arrangement, and it’s hard not to leave away with a superior valuation for the men who served in that war. The Pacific, in the meantime, is a comparative smaller than usual arrangement, offering a record of the United States Marine Corps’ activities in the Pacific Theater of Operations. It’s significant that Band of Brothers and Pacific component in excess of twelve on-screen characters who might end up renowned after their jobs in the miniseries.


Bill Hader brings a greater amount of his signature brand of diversion to this dim satire arrangement about a Midwestern contract killer who goes to Los Angeles for work and winds up drenching himself in the nearby expressions scene.

Watching Hader do anything is ensured a fun yet he by one way or another figure out how to make this down on his karma weapon for contract a thoughtful screw-up of sorts.

Obviously, the genuine pearl of this show is Henry Winkler, who plays an extreme as-nails acting mentor resolved to make an artist out of Hader’s assassin.


A challenging, shrewd and polarizing comedy, Lena Dunham’s Girls is a perceptive and well-acted appear about favored, self-retained and frequently unlikable characters managing their connections and their youngster vocations in New York City.

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It’s clever, it’s cumbersome, it’s much of the time provocative, and it’s exasperating as hellfire.

Be that as it may, it’s likewise certainly fair, undeterred, and unique, and there’s a propensity of sweetness underneath the regularly incomprehensible activities of the characters, who carry on as thrashing twenty-year-olds do while attempting to make sense of their lives.

Watchers may shift back and forth between relating to the genuine battles of the characters and detesting their decisions, yet it’s unimaginable not to feel something for these adorable and unthinkably irritating individuals.

In six seasons and 62 scenes, Girls never lose a stage — it’s as convincing, entertaining, and unsavory in the main season all things considered in the last.

You should totally watch these shows if you haven’t yet!

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