6 Reasons Why TVD still is the fans most favorite tv series

TVD ended one year ago but it’s still fans favorite and its fan count is still increasing. Here are the 6 reasons I think the vampire diaries is good to watch.

Characters that steals your attention

TVD is interesting because of its remarkably portrayed supernatural characters, vampires, werewolves, sirens, and witches. Witches are one of the reasons the show gained the attention of many people. The show emphasizes on how vampires were created by WITCHES. Another reason to thank witches for. Bonnie Benet is a strong character on the show and she portrays as a witch.  From bringing STEFAN SALVATORE from the dead and dealing with Hell without witches the show would have been boring.

Brotherly Bonds fanfiction in TVD

How many times did u feel love for your siblings during watching the show? Oh, plenty! The strong bond between Stefan and Damon makes the show more interesting and emotional to watch, no matter how many times they fought and had an opposite opinion on anything, they were there for each other.

The Originals, A Tvd Spinoff

The originals arc was the best part of the show and they ended up getting their own show which gained more ratings and positive criticism as compared to its parent show. Season 2 and 3 turned out to be the best seasons of the show because of the originals. The originals gave more depth to the thrilling tale of Stefan and Damon, there is a separate tv series for originals too which revolves around the Original Family.

Originals in TVD

Strong female characters in TVD

Unlike Twilight, the vampire diaries have many strong female characters from Bonnie Benet to Katherine. The vampire diaries portrayed GIRL POWER way better than twilight. Well, Bella needed the all Cullen family to guard here Elena Gilbert always seemed ready to fight vampires like a badass. The show got a lot of praise for the strong women characters. Katherine Petrova was the toughest villain on the show and Nina Dobra portrayed it with dedication. Katherine’s strong character gave the show a more thrilling effect.

Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore

Last but not the least, well without Damon’s icy ocean eyes and sarcasm the show seems incomplete so we have the winner here! It’s not only the character of Damon which is interesting its IAN somerholder. Without his chilling green eyes and amazing acting skills, the show became famous because of his character. Many people started to watch Tvd because of Damon. Well no Damon, No Tvd.

Masab Farooque
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