6 Songs that made a TV series famous

A series requires a strong theme song in order to create a compelling effect on its audience. Here we have collected the top 6 best theme songs that will make you fall for the series.

Red Right Hand

The song is written by the Australian band named Nick cave and the bad seeds and released in 1994. It was featured in the series PEAKY BLINDERS. It fits the show like a glove. It has clicking of a lighter sound effect so whenever the credits open you can see Thomas Shelby smoking and quoting the line of the song, On a gathering storm, comes a tall handsome man, with dusty coat and red right hand.  I don’t know about you but I feel like it was written for Thomas Shelby.

I’ll Be There

The song was released by the band named The Rembrandts in 1995. You must have heard this gem in the famous sit-com FRIENDS. The song is played as the intro in every episode featuring the cast dancing to it, making u remember and miss your friends. It caught the attention of many fans and wasting no time became the best title song ever.


Bad Reputation

Written and performed by Joan Jett and the black hearts. The song was featured in the series Freaks and Geeks. You may not know about it but it starred Seth Rogen and James Franco alongside busy Phillips. The song amazingly portrays the feeling of teenagers in the series.  You are living in the past, its new generation. Wow, pretty much bold considering it was released in the 80s.

Bad Reputation

Game of Thrones Theme Song

Well everyone likes the main theme song of GOT. It was specially composed for the show by the talented Ramin Djawadi. This title song played a significant role in creating a chilling and thrilling effect on the audience.

Best Of Both Worlds

You might have heard this one while growing up but where right?  It was played on  Hannah Montana portrayed and sang by the talented and kids favorite Miley Cyrus. It was the main theme song which is loosely based on her life living as a double. Even though it was played on the  Disney channel show you might find many loyal fans of Miley Cyrus still listening to it.

Hannah Montana

Found a way

Okay everyone knows this one for sure. It was written and performed by the talented Drake bell who also starred on the show Drake and Josh. Recently, some fans found that they were singing some part of the song in the wrong way or wrong word more likely but it is still an anthem for many Adults.

Drake and Josh
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