A Possible 13 Reasons Why Spinoff Show: Is Clay or Justin going to die?

A Possible 13 Reasons Why Spinoff Show: Is Clay or Justin going to die?

13 Reasons Why has become a famous show. It was a huge thing back in 2017. Everyone was talking about this show. However, the show got positive attention as well as negative remarks, still, a lot of people are waiting for the ending.

There are a lot of questions they still have to answer. But the writers and creators have full faith in the ending of the finale season of the show. According to them, we might be getting a positive and happy ending for our favorite Liberty High school characters.

The show has been a great journey filled with a lot of thrill and controversial moments. But according to Dylan Minnette fans are going to be happy by the ending.

However, he also gushed about 13 Reasons Why spinoff show. A lot of people complained that how they dragged the story. When season 3 released people were not quite happy by another season. They criticized shows a poor attempt to talk about some serious topics like rape and suicide.

There is a high chance, Justin is going to die in 13 Reasons Why Season 4.

A Possible 13 Reasons Why Spinoff Show: Is Clay or Justin going to die?

13 Reasons Why Spinoff show

Dylan Minette dropped a lot of hints about the upcoming season in his interview with Entertainment Tonight,

Oh, man! I wouldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be, but I have no idea, “

Those were his words when asked about a possible sequel or 13 Reasons Why spinoff show. It seems like he must have heard something about a sequel. He might be the part of a spinoff show. But he is not sure himself right now. We might get to know other teenagers from Liberty High school. A spinoff show can be really interesting.

It might be too early to say anything about a spinoff or a sequel.

Clay Jensen’s death?

Dylan Minnette was absolutely careful with the information regarding the finale of the show. But he might have dropped a hint. He neither confirmed nor denied the rumors about the death of Clay Jensen in the season finale of the show.

He said this about all the rumors regarding the death of Clay Jensen;

 “I don’t know, I forget, I can’t remember the scripts anymore,” he said, laughing. “It’s been so long.” 

He did not let anything slip. He further continued with his statement about the final season.

All Clay wanted to be, he wanted to be a hero and that has been a downfall of his time and time again on the show,”

He continued:

” I think that Clay does end up being that for certain people on this show by the end and I think it’s great to explore that and to see that all sort of wrapped up in the end.”

It’s a good thing if they are thinking about giving the show a positive end. The show has been quite raw and it will definitely leave an impression if they end the show positively.

Release Date

The final season will release on 5 June all over the world on Netflix.

How To Watch Final 13 Reasons Why Season 4

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