A quiet Place 2

A Quiet Place 2 teaser, absolutely terrifying.

A Quiet Place released quite in 2018. Nobody had hoped from this movie and neither it was a big-budget movie. But the movie gained big at the box office. All credit goes to the amazing acting of the cast and well-written plot as well. John Krasinski directed the movie and he also co-wrote it. He also starred in the movie. His charterer was heroic and his death in the first part was quite heartbreaking and shocking.

Now that John Krasinski is not going to be in the movie but it doesn’t mean he is not going to write or direct the movie. He is completely delighted that the producers chose him for the writing work. He wants to end the series with honors and he wants to make the best out of it. Many movies like Birdbox and even Silence released after being inspired by the movie.

However, a big name is also going to be part of the movie. Peaky blinder’s Cillian Murphy is also going to be the part of the movie. There is not much information about his character now. But we do hope that his character is going to be iconic and mysterious.

The New Teaser of A Quiet Place 2

Paramount released a short teaser of the trailer. Million if views were gained by the video. It shows how excited and attracted people are towards the idea and concept of A Quiet Place. It is the plot and extremely talented cast that made the movie famous.

The Plot of A Quiet Place 2

However, we can not gather much from the teaser but it is sure that there is no time jump. There is no concept if years and years passing by. It’s just fresh. We saw the foot injury and a piece of cloth wrapped around Emily’s feet that indicates that it’s not been that long since the incident. Emily’s character is going to lead the movie. It is exciting to see that a female is going to lead the movie and is going to protect her family. We hardly see this kind of strong female characters on our big screens.

A quiet place 2 shows that the story has not ended yet. The family has to do a lot to survive yet. They seemed determined to survive in the short teaser. However, we are going to see how they will bring it to end and will they release more sequels and parts of the movie in the future.


The trailer will drop probably on this new years eve. The movie is going to release on March 2020. It is quite far but we can not wait for the movie. The trailer will expose more details about the upcoming thriller.

The shooting of the movie ended in September this year. However, it started back in July.

However, we still have to wait for months. Do not forget to add the movie to your Netflix lists. You do not want to miss an iconic duo of Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy.

Aliza Fatyma
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