A quiet place 2

A Quiet place 2 trailer, comparison with The Walking Dead

A Quiet place 2 is going to release soon. A few weeks ago the teaser of the movie was also released. The teaser showed how the Abbott family will survive without Lee. Emily Blunt is going to play a strong female lead character. Critics are already praising the movie for showcasing a strong woman in the thriller– Horror movie. It has been long since we have seen a strong female lead. It released a lot of positive comments from the critics and the public as well. No doubt the movie earned big at the box office.

However, surprisingly there is another addition in the movie. Cillian Murphy is going to play a major role in the movie. There is no doubt they have chosen him. Cillian Murphy is famous for playing Thomas Shelby in the critically acclaimed series “The Peaky Blinders”.

However, Thomas is going to play an important role in the upcoming sequel. The name of his character is not revealed yet.

Comparison with The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead is AMC ‘s famous zombie series along with a lot of drama. It’s been on Television for 10 years now. However, the movie is giving us full The Waling dead vibes but with the addition of aliens rather than the zombies.

Cillian Murphy along with his beard and the shaggy look is reminding us season 7’s or 8’s Rick Grimes. Rick Grimes is the lead character of the show.

Not only the look is resembling a lot but the plot is similar too. Like in the walking dead universe, A quiet place is going to reveal how people are reacting in the creature filled world. The creatures who are ripping the world apart. They are everywhere and you have to remain silent if you want to live.

Not only the looks and gloomy vibe of the walking dead is there in the sequel but the agenda that kind of people should be saved in the present world is also similar.

Revealing how the monsters first attacked

Tye movie will also give us a glimpse of how all of the chaos started. What actually went down when the creatures started to roam around on the earth.

The sequence shows how amazingly Evelyn Abbott dodged the monsters. The amazing sequence was shot by John Krasinski. Krasinski played a major role in the first movie. Both Emily Blunt and John are married in real life.

The direction of A Quiet place 2

The movie is directed by John Krasinski. He played the role of Lee in the first movie. It was because of his extraordinary direction that the sequel was started after one month of the release of the movie.

A quiet place banked more than 300 million dollars worldwide even though the budget of the movie was 20 million dollars.

Release date of A Quiet place 2

The movie is set to release on March 18, 2020. The Grudge is also returning to the cinemas around this tile so the movie is going to have w tough competition. Fans are truly excited about the upcoming sequel.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.