Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul And Krysten Ritter New Project

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul And Krysten Ritter New Project

Breaking Bad is a Crime-Thriller Drama TV Series that started airing on AMC back in 2008. The show ended in 2013 and is still considered to be the best TV show of all time. It has a prequel which is ongoing “Better Call Saul” and a movie was released last year “El Camino”.

Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman, and Krysten Ritter, who played Jane in the Breaking Bad are reuniting for a new project. Both have signed to be voice characters in the Audible adaptation “The Coldest Case: A Black Book Drama”. Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel is also joining the project.

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul And Krysten Ritter New Project

What is Aaron Paul New Project About?

The Coldest Case is a prequel to Patterson bestseller “The Black Book”. The plot follows Homicide detective Billy Harney who sends his partner to infiltrate a drug operation in Chicago. When two members of the drug operation end up dead. Billy pulls Kate out, blowing her cover. As soon as her cover is blown, her snitch also disappears along with the black book. Billy and Kate start investigating the murders and ends up in a dangerous web of corrupt politicians, vengeful billionaires, drugged pro-athletes, and violent, dark web conspiracies. The book is written by James Patterson, who is an American author and philanthropist. He is 73 years old and famous for stand-alone thrillers, non-fiction and romance novels.

I’m thrilled to collaborate with Audible on an extraordinary slate of original projects,

Aaron Paul in The Coldest Case

The Broken and The Bad: A Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul Inspired Docuseries

Aaron Paul is no stranger to the criminal underworld. He was the partner of the greatest meth producer Walter White a.k.a Heisenberg. They become the Albuquerque’s finest meth producers. Krysten Ritter, Jane in the show was the girlfriend of Jesse Pinkman. However, she didn’t get enough screentime in the show as she died due to OD in the series. She did appear again the El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Aaron Paul also appeared in the Westworld TV Series.

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