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Aliens Dark Descent Shelter Room Bug – Create Shelter Not Showing

Aliens Dark Descent has its own fair share of problems. One such is that when you enter the Shelter Room, the Create Shelter is not Showing. This is known as the Aliens Dark Descent Shelter Room Bug, where players are basically stuck at the spot, without having means of creating shelter. The game basically, doesn’t give you a go. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you the details of this Shelter Room Bug.

What is the Shelter Room Bug?

So, when you enter any shelter room in Aliens Dark Descent, you have to make a shelter for yourself. This is an area in the game that gives you an indication of the welding process.

You don’t have that indication, which is the actual bug we are talking about here. As of now, there is no fix for that because of being a server issue. These issues aren’t solved through updates, drivers, disabling antivirus, and so on.

You will have to wait for the patch and an update from the developers themselves that fixes this issue. In case you are stuck here, there is another way around here.

How to Fix Aliens Dark Descent Shelter Room Bug – Create Shelter Not Showing

In case your Create Shelter is not Showing up while reaching a Shelter, then you can just proceed onwards and without indication, weld the door. After the process is complete, you can unweld it.

The Indication for the Shelter Room Creation will pop up right away. Yes, this is the only solution as of right now and there is no other way around that. You do waste your welding tool here, which is inconvenient, but better do it to proceed in the game.

The Verdict

When you reach the shelter room, you have to create one for yourself using the tools you have. Due to the Aliens Dark Descent Shelter Room Bug, the Create Shelter is not Showing up. This issue makes the game get stuck in a temporary loop. The loophole around that is that you have to waste your welding tool and weld the door. After that unweld it and you will have the Create Shelter Room indication pop up.

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