Amazon Halo: Everything you need to know about Fitness Band

Amazon Halo: Everything you need to know about Fitness Band

Amazon has now ventured into the health world with its new fitness band: Amazon Halo. The Amazon Halo is a lightweight fitness measuring band that collects health data so you can analyze your health and track fitness patterns. Priced at $99.99 with a six-month free subscription, the band comes in 3 colors: black onyx rose gold and winter silver. After the first six months are over, the Amazon Halo membership costs $3.99 per month. The band can sync with your iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth connectivity. The Amazon Halo does not have a touch or display screen to avoid distractions during your workout and jogging. Instead, you have to interact with the band using your connected Smartphone or Tablet.

Amazon Halo is a smarter technology than what you will find available in the market today. The waterproof wristband is made out of a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex, weighing only 18 grams. The sleek design feels almost weightless on your wrist. The Halo has a two days battery life – it can last up to seven days if you turn off the voice tone recognition. It takes about 90 minutes for the band to fully charge.

Amazon Halo: Everything you need to know about Fitness Band

Amazon Halo Features

  • Swim-proof
  • Measures the fat percentage of the body.
  • Gauges the intensity and duration of all muscle movements.
  • Analyzes sleeping patterns.
  • Analyzes the tone and quality of your voice for speech recognition and voice communication.
  • The data is automatically deleted after it is processed to maintain privacy.
  • The app can create a 3D model of your body for enhanced understanding.

According to Amazon, it has paid special attention to maintaining the user’s privacy with all the data that is collected. The voice samples are deleted once they are analyzed. The app also lets you download or delete your health data directly from the Halo app at any time.

However, one point to be noted here is that the voice recognition only works for American English speakers as of now. Amazon is still on the lookout for any improvements and tweaking. As of now, the Amazon Halo is available in the 50 states of America, but it will soon be available for distribution on the Amazon website in other countries as well.

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