Amazon Luna: How To Get Early Access To New Cloud Gaming Service

  • Amazon announced Luna, a Google Stadia, and Microsoft xCloud Rival.
  • About 50 Games can be played on Amazon’s New Cloud Gaming Service.
  • Luna would only cost $5.99 per month.

Amazon is a multinational American Company that is primarily focusing on e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. Amazon has made its place in the market along with its top competitors that are Apple, Google,, and Facebook. This proves that Amazon has clearly made its mark in the industry. Along with being the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, Amazon is quite famous for its cloud computing too. Amazon has a huge number of employees i.e. 647,500. Talking about the cloud gaming platforms, we cannot deny the fact that the impressive cloud platforms have been gaining popularity since forever and Amazon Luna is currently getting fame for its high-quality services.

Amazon Luna Details and Features

Although a seemingly new gaming software, Amazon Luna is ready to challenge its well-established competitors due to its impressive features. Amazon Luna is somewhat similar to Prime Video as it allows the users to play their desired games from the servers without downloading them. This gaming platform is a dream come true for every player as it encompasses a huge variety of games. An Amazon Luna player can play 50 games and the range is increasing constantly too.

Some of the available games are Assassin’s Creeds Valhalla, Sonic Mania Plus, and Impossible Lair. Players can also opt for Amazon Luna controllers only if they want to as this gaming platform can also be accessed via Xbox and PS4 controllers. However, these controllers would only cost $49 but provide the players with a variety of benefits too. These controllers instantly connect the players to the cloud and decrease the lag time by 17ms to 30ms which also saves the players from the hassle of switching the controller every time they switch the gaming software from mobiles to computers. It can also connect to various USB and Bluetooth devices.

Amazon Luna: How To Get Early Access To New Cloud Gaming Service


The games can also be played by using a PC or MAC too and this makes it a reliable option for the users. The Mbps needed to play games in 4k are 35 Mbps whereas normal games can be played on 10 Mbps too. The cloud gaming uses 10GB per hour. Fire HD Tablets can also be used to access Amazon Luna. This shows that it can be accessed on a variety of platforms and that makes it a spectacular service.


As we are all well-aware of the price range of its competitors and we are eager to know its price in order to make a well-informed decision. So, let us introduce you to the affordable price range of Amazon Luna. This striking service would only cost $5.99 per month, although it is the introductory price, the actual price range would be somewhere around it too. In this affordable price range, customers can also play their desired games on two devices concurrently. It also has a high resolution of 4K/60fps. The cost of its controller is $49.99.

Release Date

The potential customers of Amazon Luna are desperately waiting for its release date but the official release date has not been announced by Amazon yet. However, Amazon has made an invitation available on its website and the customers can make an early access request through it. This proves that the customers can already request for its access and can avail the opportunity whenever its available on the website.

Amazon has paved a way for other cloud gaming software too. However, along with its notable features, Amazon Luna is ready to make its mark in its target market. If you are tired of downloading games and can’t afford expensive consoles, Amazon Luna would provide you with the amazing cloud gaming experience on affordable consoles too.

Amazon Luna Gaming Service

How To Get Early Access To Amazon Luna

Currently, Amazon Luna is only available in the USA region. However, they are working on expanding the availability. As mentioned above there is no release date yet but you can still get access to early access.

Introducing Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service where it’s easy to play great games on devices you already own. No waiting for lengthy downloads or updates — just play. Request your invitation for early access and help us make Amazon Luna even better.

Simply go to Amazon Luna Official Website/Page and get the early access. If you are not in the USA region, you won’t be able to access it. However, you can use a VPN to change your region to the USA.

Amazon Luna: How To Get Early Access To New Cloud Gaming Service

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