Amber Heard fired. Emilia Clarke to be in Aquaman 2. (1)

Amber Heard fired. Emilia Clarke to take her place in Aquaman 2.

Things are getting ugly between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Both of them met each other on the set of The Rum diary back in 2011 since then both stayed pretty close until they decided to get married in 2015. Things seemed pretty good between both of them and they appeared in many events together. However, they filed for divorce in 2017. It seemed normal and nobody would have thought about things getting that much ugly between both of the actors.

Amber Heard came out with abuse allegations not long after she filed for the divorce. Everybody sided with Amber at the start and supported it but people started to speculate about the whole situation and then Johnny Depp came forward with the abuse allegations and sued for Defaming allegations. Now Amber heard might go to jail for 3 years for faking and lying about her bruises.

However, Amber Heard appeared in the movie Aquaman and had a major role. But she won’t be appearing in the sequel. DCU would not want anything to harm the upcoming event.

Amber Heard fired, Emilia Clarke, to be in Aquaman 2.

Fans want Emilia to be Aquaman 2.

It is quite difficult to remove Amber from the sequel as she plays a major role but they could reduce her screen time. There are many instances in Hollywood history where actors were removed from the projects because of the controversy surrounding them. Even Johnny Depp’s screen time was reduced in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales. Johnny also discussed this incidence in his lawsuit and sued Amber for 50 million dollars.

DC would never jeopardize the success of the movie as there are rumors about Amber going to jail so they are going to do something about the situation.

Amber Heard has not said anything about it yet and officials still have to come forward with the rumors circulating online. However, there is a petition on with more than 10,000 signed petitions to remove Amber heard from the project and cast Emilia Clarke from the Game of thrones.

However, if they are going to find a substitute for Amber Heard, Emili is the best option and her acting skills are amazing as well. You can also sign the petition on if you want to participate in this campaign.

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