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Amnesia the Bunker 60 FPS Stuck/Cap – FPS Limit Discussed!

So, players have been playing Amnesia the Bunker and it is perfect. Except, you feel the game to be quite slow and strangely capped. Upon further inspection, you will find that Amensia the Bunker 60 FPS Stuck/Cap is a real thing. To no one’s expectations, the game on default comes with 60 FPS as its maximum. It is 2023 and quite strange that you are on 60 as the maximum. Here in this article, we will be discussing that in detail here.

Why Am I Stuck on 60 FPS in Amnesia?

For the most part, you are not stuck, but rather, the game doesn’t provide more than 60FPS in the game. Amnesia Developers were already known to make the game under 60 FPS for their own reasons.

It is 2023 and they are still doing the same thing here. The FPS Limit nowadays isn’t a suitable thing for any game developer because the technology has improved drastically.

Most of the gaming community can play the games like Amnesia the Bunker on 100+ FPS while having a 120 Hz Monitor at their disposal for peak experience.

What’s the Reason for 60 FPS Limit?

When you dig deep enough there is a reason behind Amnesia the Bunker being a 60 FPS Limited game.

  • First of all, the game is made to be slow and developed in a way that players get jump scares because of being under 60 FPS. The game stuttering, slowing down, and having that strange horror feel to it is because of the 60 FPS Limit
  • Secondly, the game devs can’t make a completely new engine that isn’t based on FPS Limit. It will take them a year extra and the cost will also increase. They are keeping both of these things in check here just with 60 FPS Cap.
Amnesia the Bunker 60 FPS Stuck/Cap - FPS Limit Discussed!

The Verdict

Amnesia the Bunker 60 FPS Stuck/Cap is something that is in the mind of every Amnesia or Horror game lover since the beginning. It is 2023 and Amnesia is still having a 60 FPS Limit. But, digging deep enough you find that the gameplay and the developer giving out such a great game this fast is really tied to 60 FPS Cap. This doesn’t hinder the gameplay in any form or shape and neither takes away the fun of the game. So, enjoy the game while you can because 2023 is a nightmare for the gaming industry because of all the flop launches.

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