Amnesia the Bunker Transparent Texture - Graphics Bug

Amnesia the Bunker Transparent Texture – Graphics Bug

Amnesia the Bunker is a game that is quite well-optimized and developed. Then again, nothing is perfect here, and we get strange Graphics bugs in the game. Same as that, we are here to discuss about Amnesia The Bunker Transparent Texture Bug where the game simply turns everything around you transparent. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Amnesia the Bunker Transparent Texture - Graphics Bug

What is a Transparent Texture Bug?

Just as the name suggests, the graphics turn transparent. The walls and the objects are transparent and you can’t play the game because of them. It is just like going underground in a game where you can basically see everything from underneath but can’t do anything because you are stuck.

How to Fix Amnesia the Bunker Transparent Texture

As of now, there is no report on the fix from any player whatsoever. But there are a few things you can try for yourself. We have them mentioned below;

Download Latest Drivers

The graphics issues are caused by the GPU most of the time. Try to check out the drivers through authentic sources. If you are on AMD, get the best drivers automatically through AMD Adrenaline and if you are on Nvidia, get them through Nvidia Experience.

A Clean Installation of drivers is recommended here, as the old one might be causing the issue and Clean Installation removes them.

Verify Game Files

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right Click on Amnesia the Bunker
  • Go to Properties
  • Progress to Local Files
  • Verify the Integrity of Game Files

Wait for some while and the process will be done. Give a restart and play the game without Transparent Texture Bug in Amnesia The Bunker.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Sometimes the Antivirus is the culprit here and messes up with your in-game files. Try to disable it or whitelist the Amnesia Files as well. Do the same for Firewall.

Change Graphics Settings

If you are constantly having Graphics Bug in Amnesia The Bunker, you can go to settings and change your texture, shadows, and other graphics settings. changing Resolution and Display might also fix that for you.

The Verdict

Amnesia The Bunker is quite a good developed game without any reported bugs and issues. Some players reported Amnesia the Bunker Transparent Texture which is a Graphics Bug in the game. The walls and objects turn transparent and you can’t do anything except watch out for fixes. You can try disabling antivirus, verifying game files, updating graphics drivers, removing the shader cache, and changing graphics settings. In case nothing works, reinstall the game.

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