Among Us TV Series Release Date

Among Us TV Series Release Date

Everyone literally knows about Among Us, the popular video game. Now it is having its own TV Series as well, which is quite strange. How are they going to implement it, what’s the take and when will the Among Us TV Series Release Date is being shown to the public? Well, here in this guide, we are going to share with you all the details.

Among Us TV Series Release Date

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an insanely popular multiplayer game, having a cartoonish top-down view. Here, you play with other players, and out of all, there is one imposter.

You have various missions like turning on lights, repairing stuff, and moving around the ship. Then, no one knows who actually is the imposter, till that hidden traitor is actually finishing off the members one by one.

When the time ends, players have to identify and tell others which one is the imposter. Well, the imposter is also Along Them, meaning he can misguide others.

In the end, the one who is chosen to be the imposter is thrown off the ship. It might be the real imposter or it could also be a genuine person.

What is Among Us TV Series about?

Innersloth is behind this amazing Among Us concept here. They are teaming up with the CBS Eye Animation Production to bring us a TV Series of Among Us.

They both are teaming up with Owen Dennis who actually created Infinity Train. No one knows what the concept here actually is. But it could pretty much be attached to the game style as well.

There will be one imposter who is in a team of individuals. All of them will have the same color differences in the Among Us TV Series. Basically, the concept is going to be pretty much the same. It is how they implement it in animation to keep the individuals watching for hours.

Then again, it could be a U-Turn and become a complete series like Squid Games. No one knows what the Animation is going to bring us, but it is going to be a complete banger.

Among Us TV Series Release Date

Finally, coming to the main question as to what the Among Us TV Series Release Date is going to be. As of now, the Release Date of the Animated Among Us Series is unannounced. There is no detail on this matter.

There is also no development as of now and the pathway is being made. It will take 1 to 2 years in our guess till we can get the Animated Among Us. When we get some details, they are going to be mentioned here in our guide.

Among Us TV Series Release Date

The Verdict

The Among Us TV Series Release Date isn’t announced yet. As to what the Animation is bringing to the table, no one knows exactly. There will be the same concept of one shape-shifting imposter among the crew members. The various missions on the ship will bring the imposter out slowly. Still, it could be changed in the near future, but the Animated Among Us Series is going to be a complete banger.

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