Andrew Tate Released on the same date as Matrix - 31st March!!!

Andrew Tate Released on the same date as Matrix – 31st March!!!

We all know about the Legendary Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate. Yes, they were captured recently in Romania and put behind bars without having an actual case. Now they are released and the coincidence here is that Andrew Tate was Released on the same as Matrix – on 31st March. Here we are going to debunk the speculation.

Andre Tate and Matrix – The Similarities

Most of the time we see that the world we live in is quite like a simulation here. Some of us just wake up and decide to break the typical routine; working out, planning ahead, making a family, grinding for freedom, and so on.

While some of us just like to be fed with a spoon, not actually thinking about what the world is going through and what’s happening around us.

It is just like the Red and the Blue Pill from the Matrix Movie which is about the same stuff. Andre Tate wasn’t the first one who pointed out Masculinity, but rather the first one that deliver the speech in a perfect and precise manner that everyone listened to.

He Blew up, becoming the world’s most googled man on the planet. He was on every podcast, on every screen, and lived rent-free in his hater’s brain.

He was most notably known as Morpheus who told Neo the truth by giving him the Red Pill that he chose himself. That same woke mindset was delivered by Andre Tate when he targets the Youth to wake up and look for reality.

Why was he caught?

Some say he had human trafficking charges, while others say he was charged with Rape. But, deep down we all know that’s not true here!

Andrew Tate was too famous and had too much influence. This made the higher powers start taking action against him and in a county like Romania, he was arrested to put down.

By the way, he was also a Muslim, and that always puts you in a Red Zone in the eyes of the “Matrix”.

Andrew Tate was Released on the same date as Matrix Movie

Now, the amazing thing is that Andrew Tate was recently released after 3 Months of “no-charge” arrest in Romania. The coincidence here is that he was released on 31st March 2023 and you know what… it’s the same date when Matrix was released to the public.

If that’s isn’t cool and I don’t know what actually is. The real-time Matrix Movie is happening here and Tate is the guy who simply calls himself Morpheus “giver of the Red Pill to society”

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