List of devices getting Android 11

Android 11: Which Devices are getting the latest Android Update?

The latest Android 11 Developer Preview which is 3rd preview was released on 23rd April 2020. If you are interested in looking into the latest preview. Follow these steps:

  • Download Android Studio.
  • Open Android Studio and Open SDK Manager from Tools.
  • Click on Android 11 Developer Preview and select a system image.
  • Now you’ll be able to see the latest Android on your Android Emulator.
  • Install it and create a new Android Virtual Device.
  • After creating it, launch it.
  • Preview is now on your screen.

Google was going to unveil Android 11 features at Google I/O which was going to happen in May. However, it is no longer happening because of COVID-19. Google officially announced that they are now going for numerical names, so it will be called “Android 11”. Most of the features are revealed through the Android Developer Preview.


The new Android will be getting the Native Screen Recording feature this year. Apple already has this feature in iOS 11, iOS 12, and iOS 13, which means Google is not introducing a new feature. Another feature new Android Update is going to have is, muting notifications while using Camera, precisely while making a video. A very beneficial feature that they introduced in Android 11 is, notification history is accessible. In case you cleared the notifications from your phone’s home screen, it will still be available in the notification logs.

Airplane Mode will no longer affect Bluetooth anymore. Also, the latest Android OS update will make Android phones more secure. Now you can choose between granting an application to access your information “Just this once” or allow it forever. Another great feature they introduced is you can enable auto-on Dark Mode that will auto-activate or deactivate Dark Mode detecting the time of the day.

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Most of the features introduced in Android 11 are already available on iOS. Also, Google is copying Apple’s privacy features.

Anything Google can do to restore confidence among consumers, developers, and the security community is a good move.

Android 11 Release Date

Beta versions will start rolling out soon, probably this month or June. However, the official release is not going to roll out before September 2020.

List of Phones getting Android 11

Android 11 update will be first rolled out to Google’s Pixel series as usual, following Pixel phones are getting the update.

Pixel 4/ 4XLSeptember 2020
Pixel 3A / 3A XLSeptember 2020
Pixel 3 / 3 XLSeptember 2020
Pixel 2 / 2 XLSeptember 2020

OnePlus is one of the most customize able Android Phone series. Following One Plus Android Phones will be getting Android 11 Update

One Plus 7 SeriesNovember 2020
One Plus 8 SeriesNovember 2020
Android 11 Update on Oneplus

Let’s not forget Samsung, they provide mostly two major Android updates. Most of the Samsung phones only get updates for two years. After that Google stops rolling out updates to those phones. Note 9 and S9 recently got Android 10, and most probably it was the last update on those phones. Following Samsung phones will be getting the update

Galaxy S 20 SeriesNovember 2020
Galaxy S 10 SeriesJanuary 2021
Galaxy S 9 SeriesTBD
Galaxy Note 10 SeriesNovember 2020
Galaxy Fold SeriesJanuary 2021
Galaxy Note 9 TBD
Galaxy A 71 and A 70March 2021
Galaxy A 80March 2021
Galaxy M 30June 2021
Galaxy M 40March 2021
Galaxy Tab S6January 2021
Galaxy Tab S5e
June 2021
Android 11 Update on Samsung

Xiaomi Phones that will get Android 11

MI 10 SeriesJune 2021
MI 9 SeriesLate 2021
Mi Mix AlphaLate 2021
Mi A3September 2020
Redmi K30 SeriesLate 2021
POCO X2January 2021
Android 11 Update on MI

Huawei Phones

Mate 30 SeriesMarch 2021
P30 SeriesMarch 2021
P40 SeriesJanuary 2021


As Google is introducing some major changes in Android 11, it is wise not to directly update to the latest Android. There will be many bugs in the latest Android.

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