George Floyd's Death, Anonymous involvement, DC went Dark

George Floyd’s Death, Anonymous involvement, DC went Dark

Last week, George Floyd, an African-American man was killed by Derek Chauvin. He arrested him and kneeled on George’s neck while he was on the floor until he couldn’t breathe. Derek Chauvin was charged with murder. He is from the Minneapolis Police Department.

“I can’t breathe

George Floyd

George Floyd was restrained by the officers, while another officer pulled out his gun, which was not necessary. Because Derek had his knee on his neck, George couldn’t breathe he kept begging that please, i can’t breathe. More than eight minutes Derek had his knee on George’s neck. He was declared dead, shortly after his death, the video of his murder went viral. The police officers involved in the murder were fired from the department, but it was not the first that this happened in America. It has been happening for quite some time, police-men killing black unarmed people for no reason.

After George’s death, people started protesting in solidarity with demonstrators in the US, it was peaceful till last week, but it became violent. People started breaking windows and smashing cars in the police precinct. Floyd was the father of two daughters. The FBI is also investigating into Minneapolis Police Department. #Icantbreathe went trending, banners were placed and it became trending on every social media platform. Not only cities of the USA, but different countries are protesting against racism and for George Floyd.

President Trump terminated USA relation with WHO

George Floyd's Death, Anonymous involvement, DC went Dark

Anonymous response on George Floyd’s murder

Anonymous is a secret hacker organization widely known for cyber attacks against government and corrupt politicians in it. They were founded back in 2003. They recently appeared after George Floyd death, again.

Minneapolis Police Department’s official website was hacked and showed signs of various cyber-attacks. It was also inaccessible on Saturday. On May 28th, Anonymous threatened to hack the Minneapolis Police Department and expose a horrific track record of violence and corruption. The video had 2M+ views on Facebook but was taken down later. Today, the data of the Minneapolis Police Department police was leaked.

We do not trust your corrupt organization to carry out justice, so we will be exposing your many crimes to the world. We are a legion. Expect us.

If you have seen a TV show Mr. Robot, everything that is happening now is similar to what was shown on the show. Anonymous also exposed the data of Donald Trump, Jeffery Epstein, Princess Diana’s death, the Royal Family, Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell’s involvement, and much more. However, Twitter is deleting the tweets in which this data is being exposed, users just keep on retweeting.

In Washington, about 1700 soldiers were called today to deal with the protest that is going outside the White House.

Sadly, in the vast majority of police killings, the only one left alive to tell the story is the officer who took the person’s life,” the Anonymous narrator says. “This travesty has gone on for far too long… and now the people have had enough.

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Anonymous Involvement

White House went dark

Things are bad outside White house, the clashes between Police and citizens are going on.

There is no light in DC, it went dark after the protesters went straight for the White House.

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