Apple Best Black Friday Deals 2020

Apple Best Black Friday Deals 2020

The day followed by thanksgiving is known as “Black Friday”. It is celebrated on November 27 as people began giving sick leaves for the day after thanksgiving, therefore, organizations began giving a paid leave to their workers as there were too many leave cases anyway.  In the beginning, black Friday had negative connotations attached to it due to the word “black” involved in it, however, as time passed people began associating it with huge profits and sales. Let us shed some light on Apple’s best Black Friday deals of 2020.

The Apple products on the Black Friday sale include Apple MacBook Air 2020, iPad 2020, and Airpods Pro. Let us get into the details of these products and their specifications to help us choose the best items from the Apple sale.

Apple Best Black Friday Deals 2020

MacBook Air 2020 on Black Friday Sale

Let us begin our article with this impressive product released by Apple. MacBook Air 2020 is now available on this black Friday sale at a much-discounted price. Earlier, it was sold for $999 but the black Friday sale has reduced the price to $929. That’s a whopping discount of $70.

Another model introduced by Apple is the MacBook Air 2020 with 512 GB storage. The original price of this 13-inch model was $1299 and now through this black Friday sale, you can get this stunning product at a stunning price of $1149. This is available at a much-discounted price than the one with lower storage space. Along with the $150 discount, it has a 10th Generation Core i5 CPU with 8GB RAM as well. However, to choose between the two products, you can further look at the detailed specifications available at Apple’s websites.

Apple iPad 2020

Apple has released two models of iPad 2020 this year and it has made the buyers even more excited as they have two options now. The 12.2-inch model Apple iPad Pro’s original price is $329 but the black Friday sale has brought the price down to $299. This model has an A12 Bionic soc.  It provides high-speed due to the 40% faster CPU processor that is a part of this model. It also has an A10 chip in it too.

The other model on sale is the 11-inch iPad pro whose original price was $899 but you can buy this for $849 on the Black Friday sale 2020. It has 256 GB of space and a liquid retina display and an A12Z Bionic CPU. Another striking feature of this version is its dual-camera which has a LIDAR scanner as well.

Apple Airpods Pro

Another remarkable product that is a part of Apple’s 27th November sale is Apple’s Airpods. The air pods’ original price was $249 and now they are available for $219 only. Air pods are one of the most notable products of Apple as they have impressive features such as noise cancellation and sweat resistance. Moreover, high-quality Airpods make them quite famous amongst the users too. Apple has also introduced a wireless case with one of its air pods. This means that the users can now enjoy the air pods without having to worry about its charging as the wireless case allows the users to charge their air pods without any wires. This saves us from a lot of hassle. On the black Friday sale, you can get them for $159 rather than $199. 

All these remarkable products that are available on Apple’s black Friday Sale make the sale even better. As Apple has introduced a lot of products this year, the black Friday sale 2020 means that the customers can buy these products at much lower prices. This sale has surely made the customers excited as they cannot wait to hit the stores after thanksgiving. Now, that you are aware of all the specifications and discounts on air pods, IPads, and MacBook, nothing can stop you from making the best decision. The apple users as well as potential customers are waiting to benefit from this black Friday sale as it has gathered a greater range of audience due to the huge discounts.

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