Apple Event 2021: News, Timings and Potential Products

Apple Event 2021: News, Timings and Potential Products

With its headquarter located in Cupertino, Apple is one of the leading brands in today’s world. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs on 1st April 1976 and currently has 510 retail stores all over the world. Due to its global acceptance, it has its stores almost everywhere. The loyal Apple fans wait for Apple to launch new products and Apple can sell its products almost immediately. As per Siri’s news, Apple is all set to conduct an event at the end of April 2021, so, without wasting a single second, let us jump to the details of the much-awaited event “Apple Event 2021”.

The Initial News

This news was revealed by Apple when Siri was asked about Apple’s next event. Siri prematurely disclosed that Apple was all set to launch an event on 20th April 2021. Moreover, it was also stated that the event will be recorded beforehand in the absence of all the media houses. Covid’19 might be a reason behind the absence of media. It is planned that Apple will soon launch this on its website along with its famous YouTube channel. Therefore, the loyal customers won’t have to wait much as the event is just five days away now. It will be live-streamed on both platforms and would be quite interesting for the fans to watch. The press received invitations from Apple as well so now 20th April is the officially confirmed date.

Apple Event 2021 Timings

Apple also stated that it is all set to launch a “spring-loaded” event soon. The date announced by Apple is 20th April 2020 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. The launch will be conducted at Steve Jobs Theatre. Apple Park campus in California is the selected location announced by Apple. So, when you watch the Livestream, you will be well-aware of its location too.

Apple Event 2021 Potential Products

Although the event will be attended virtually by people, many new products will be launched on the 20th.  Currently, we have heard that Apple will launch an affordable version of its famous iPad which will allow the majority of the people to buy it, unlike the previous expensive model. We can also expect to see a new iPad mini, iPad pro, iMacs new version, and Airbags.

All these models will have some kind of innovation and updated features as Apple makes sure that the customers receive updated products every single time. Rumors have also mentioned that Apple is currently focusing on iPads, therefore, we can expect to see many refreshed versions of the iPads at this event. iPad Pro can be launched with a 12.9-inch display which will have a mini LED and a chip of 5G as well. An 11-inch model can be launched at the event too. If you are an iPad enthusiast, this event is surely important for you as multiple exciting models are to be revealed soon.

Although the Apple cameras are known for their high-quality images, we can expect to see many improvements in the cameras. It might also include thunderbolt connectivity along with an A14X chip which will have an impressively high speed just like the M1 chip which is included in the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini too.

Apple iPad Mini Pro

Another source reveals that this event will launch an iPad mini pro without any touch ID home button and a spectacular 8.7-inch display. A lot of new updates are expected as the dummy model photos show some amazingly different features from the previous models. This news will surely bring all the Apple users to the edge of their seats. A 10.2-inch iPad is also a potential product. This will also be an affordable version with a thin build as compared to the current models.

Apple Airpods 3

Apple Airpods 3 will also be launched which will be somewhat similar to the current Air pods but with innovative features such as short stems and silicone ear tips which will enhance the experience of Air pods users even more. Unfortunately, the noise cancellation feature might not be a part of the updated version. These are just some of the potential products that can be launched at the upcoming event, so, you will have to wait for the real event to get to know the real products soon.

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