Apple Foldable iPhone: Design, Price, and Release Date

Apple Foldable iPhone: Design, Price, and Release Date

The multinational company, Apple, is located in California. Apple is famous for its high-quality electronic products. Apple manufactures iPhones, MacBook, Apple TV, iPod, and smartwatches. Apple’s main product is the iPhone as Steve Jobs claims that Apple is a mobile device company. Therefore, the most important area of attention for Apple is its mobile department. Due to the impressive user interface, the customers are bound to buy different models available in the market. Another significant reason behind Apple’s huge customer base is its ease of use. Apple is the largest mobile company in the world as its owner is constantly working to design impressive products. Let us talk about Apple’s recently launched Foldable iPhone. Yes, you heard it right, this new model can be folded for convenience as well.

Apple Foldable iPhone Design

Samsung is known for constantly adding innovative products to its line, however, Apple is a bit conscious when it comes to launching products in different forms. Surprisingly, this time Apple is all set to introduce its foldable iPhone. According to Digitimes prediction, 40% of Apple’s sales will be made through the foldable iPhones. The iPhone will include edges made of steel along with two different display panels.

The two separate display panels will be an interesting feature and the loyal customers are already looking forward to it. According to sources, the foldable iPhone will also have a Face ID which will allow users to unlock their phones through the face detection feature. A lot of you might be wondering that the dual screens will not be an impressive feature but Apple guarantees that this feature will allow the users to enjoy a unified and smooth display, so the users don’t have to worry about that.

The connection between the two screens will be made via a hinge. Another notable announcement came to light when Apple was granted technological patent rights. This proves that the foldable screens will be free from any glitches and errors. A protective layer is being designed by Apple to protect its screens from cracking. The separate display feature is somewhat similar to Surface Deo and Neo phones.

Glitch-free iPhones

As per reports, the prototype designed by Apple is being tested by Foxconn which is a piece of good news for its customers as they will not have to face any technological issue once the new version is released. Apple is still deciding to choose between OLED or Micro-LED technology as it will majorly impact the new product. 100,000 opening and closing tests will be conducted which means that once these foldable iPhones release, the chances of customer complaints will be extremely low. It will also be free from a notch and will contain a tiny forehead to support the Face ID features for its customers. As Samsung has already introduced its foldable phones, it is reported that Apple has ordered a huge quantity of foldable screens from them. Hence, it is proven that Apple relies on strong suppliers to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Apple Foldable iPhone Release Date

No official release date of Apple Foldable iPhone has been announced by Apple as of now. However, as per the rumors, Apple is all set to launch its foldable iPhone in September 2022. So, the eager customers will have to wait for a year to enjoy the new foldable iPhone.


The rumored price of the foldable iPhone is $2999 which will make it the priciest smartphone. Although the foldable iPhone will be the most expensive smartphone, Apple is aware of its customer loyalty, so, it is all set to launch its foldable iPhone with stunning features in 2022 and we are quite sure that its sales will skyrocket.

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