Apple iPhone 13 2021 Release Date, Price, and Leaks

Apple iPhone 13 2021 Release Date, Price, and Leaks

Since the launch of Apple, it has been able to give us impressive products one after another. This is probably the reason for Apple’s strong brand image and customer loyalty. Whenever customers choose an Apple product, it is impossible for them to move on to some other brand. Whether it is the MacBook, iPhone, or iPad, Apple easily gains the position of being a market leader every single time. Last year, Apple launched its latest iPhone i.e. iPhone 12. Now Apple loyal customers are eagerly waiting for Apple iPhone 13.

According to Bloomberg, Apple Inc will ramp up the iPhone 13 production by 20%. The products of Apple are famous for being reliable and customer friendly that is why when someone chooses an Apple product, he/she can never get over it. Let us shed some light on Apple’s upcoming product iPhone 13.

Design and Display

The design and display of the iPhone 13 will be quite similar to iPhone 12, the size will be the same too i.e 6.1-inches. However, thickness is expected to increase in the upcoming iPhone 13 series. Moreover, Apple is also changing the rear camera design. Sources indicate that the notch size will shrink in the upcoming model. Apple iPhone 13 will feature a diagonal lens setup on the back of the phone. There are rumors that Apple may debut new colors (orange and pink).

As mentioned above display will be similar to iPhone 12. So, we can expect 1170 x 2532 pixels resolution and Super Retina XDR OLED display type. Moreover, iPhone 13 will feature a 120Hz refresh rate.

Apple iPhone 13 2021 Release Date, Price, and Leaks


The upcoming iPhone will be powered by Apple’s latest A15 chipset. iPhone 12 was powered by an A14 Bionic chipset. However, it is hard to say right now how powerful the A15 chipset is going to be. It is going to feature 6 cores in the CPU, the same configuration as Apple A14. A15 chipset will be made using TSMC’s N5P node. According to Techradar, Apple may introduce a 1TB phone this year.

Apple is however increasing battery capacity in the upcoming iPhone series. iPhone 13 will feature a 3,095mAh battery. 5G technology was introduced in the iPhone 12 series. So iPhone 13 will also be a 5 G-ready phone.

Price and Release Date

According to the leaks and rumors, the price will be the same as Apple iPhone 12. Our best guess is Apple iPhone 13 will cost around 799$. The upcoming iPhone is expected to be announced in September. However, no announcement date has been confirmed yet.

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