Apple iPhone 13 Rumors:

Apple iPhone 13 Rumors: Price, Design, Specs, and Release Date

Since the launch of Apple, it has been able to give us impressive products one after another. This is probably the reason for Apple’s strong brand image and customer loyalty. Whenever customers choose an Apple product, it is impossible for them to move on to some other brand. Whether it is the MacBook, iPhone, or iPad, Apple easily gains the position of being a market leader every single time. Recently, Apple has launched its latest iPhone i.e. iPhone 12 and it has around 4-5 models. However, customers are now eagerly waiting for the Apple iPhone 13 and certain rumors are going on in the market regarding this model. Let us give you an insight into some of the rumored features of the Apple iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 13 Rumors: Price, Design, Specs, and Release Date

Rumored Features

The first rumor regarding the next model is that its name will be Apple iPhone 13. Although there have been times when Apple has named the next model as the ‘S Version’ of the previous one, there is a greater chance that the model following the iPhone 12 will be named ‘iPhone 13’ and not iPhone 12 S. The main reason behind calling the newer version ‘iPhone 13’ rather than 12 S is that there are going to be huge changes in this model. Firstly, it is reported that this model will be port less and will have a much larger display than the previous ones. Certain rumors claim that the iPhone 13 will have a square design which will be much similar to the iPhone 4 and 5, however, these are only predictions and we will have to wait to see if they are true or not.

Apple iPhone 13 Rumors: Price, Design, Specs, and Release Date

Apple iPhone 13 Specifications

According to some sources, the iPhone 13 will be available in 4 models which shows us that once again, Apple is all set to target different customer segments as the 4 models will have variations to tackle a wider target segment. It will also be available in three sizes and customers can choose the product according to their choices. The iPhone 13 Mini will have a 5.4-inch display, iPhone 13 Max will have a 6.1-inch display, iPhone 13 Pro will have a 6.1-inch display and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 6.7-inch display.

The different display sizes are available so that the customers understand the reason behind the different prices of the Apple iPhone 13. Due to the presence of LTPO, the iPhone 13 might have a ProMotion display, which clearly means that the features of the Apple Watch will be present in this model of the iPhone too. The display will be less thick than the previous models due to the integration of the display panel and touchscreen. It might have a Time-of-Flight Camera along with a triple-lens.

Apple iPhone 13 Rumors: Price, Design, Specs, and Release Date

Expected Price

Being a loyal customer of Apple, you must have a slight idea about the price range but let us make it more clear here. Every time Apple releases a new model of iPhone, its price range is somewhat similar to the last released model and the price of the previous model decreases later on. This gives us a rough estimate that the price range of the iPhone 13 will be similar to the iPhone 12’s price range.

Apple iPhone 13 Expected Release Date

The rumored release month is September 2021 but it might change to October 2021 due to the COVID’19 Pandemic. Now that we are well aware of all the rumored details, features, and specifications of the iPhone 13 and the fact that Apple never fails to release improved models every year, we can’t wait to see the actual version of the iPhone 13.

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