Apple Covid-19 Screening Website

Apple Launched CoronaVirus COVID-19 Screening Website

There are currently 590,287 cases of COVID-19 worldwide and over 26,900 deaths globally. Till yesterday, China and Italy were suffering the most but from today’s stats, the USA is on top with over 100,000 cases and over 1500 deaths. USA’s pandemic epicenter is Newyork.

With the USA facing the most, Apple launched a COVID-19 Screening Website, it’s an online screening tool. It asks you questions related to symptoms. Apple developed this screening tool with the help of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and White House.

COVID-19 Screening Website Tool By Apple.

What Does Apple’s Covid-19 Screening Website do?

The website is pretty simple with all the basic information and safety precautions along with the screening tool. The screening tool asks you about your symptoms and your travel history. Depending on your health, it will recommend you if you need to get yourself tested or not.

They also launched an application which is similar to the covid-19 screening website, it also checks if you need to get tested, it also provides you basic information about COVID-19. The application is available on Appstore, and the size is pretty low too about 6mb.

However, Apple does not provide information about where to get tested, Apple also says that they don’t collect any of your data. There is no sign-up required either.

If you are having difficulty breathing, immediately call 911.

Are there other tools as well?

Yes, Amazon has also developed a screening tool for COVID-19. You can use that by simply asking Alexa “what do I do if I think I have coronavirus? “.

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