How To Apply For Apple Mentorship Program?

How To Apply For Apple Mentorship Program?

Apple is well-known in today’s world due to its high-quality and reliable products that range from mobile phones, iPads to MacBook, Apple has specialized in every product over time. Due to its dedicated workforce and strong Research and Development department, Apple is able to meet the new customer requirements every single time. Apple has never failed to amaze its customers due to its impressive features and specifications. However, this time Apple has come up with a new program that has left everyone stunned. This program is something completely new for the customers as Apple has only launched gadgets till now.

Apple Mentorship Program

Apple Mentorship Program is a brand new program launched by Apple is all set to aid college students in various subjects including accounting, finance, and economics. So, this program is basically designed for business students. Through this new program, the first-generation students will be connected to different mentors from Apple. These mentors will enable the students to gain knowledge that will benefit them in their personal and professional lives. When the students become a part of this mentorship program, it will allow the students to gain internship opportunities, job shadowing, and externships.

How To Apply For Apple Mentorship Program?

The Main Motive

This program is designed for students whose parents are uneducated and devoid of a college degree. When the students are enrolled in this program, they will be able to outshine in their respective college courses. The program is mainly aimed at sophomores and freshmen of college.

How To Apply For Apple Mentorship Program?

The interested students have to fill out an application form which is based on 18-19 questions. More importantly, the students can only join this program if they are in the first or second year of their college. The Apple mentorship program will aid students in some specific subjects rather than every subject, this makes it an even better program as the mentors will be specialized in their fields. Now, some students must be thinking that Apple will target students with some specific GPAs, however, a wide range of students can apply for this program as it has a wider acceptance rate than most programs. Moreover, the students should also be interested in the field of finance as the program has finance and business-related disciplines. So, only apply if you are ready and eager to learn business skills from experts.

Enrollment Date

Apple has stated that the applicants can apply for this program till 8th January 2021. So, this program is all set to make an entry at the beginning of 2021. Therefore, if you are keen to apply, then send an email at and you will be equipped with all the relevant details and information regarding Apple’s new mentorship program.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for this remarkable and interesting program to gain the right amount of skills and knowledge necessary to survive in today’s fast-paced business world. We are pretty sure that this program will be able to make its mark in the industry, just like every other Apple product.

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