Apple Watch Series 6 Design, Features, Price and Release Date

Apple Watch Series 6 Design, Features, Price and Release Date

Apple is undoubtedly one of the leading brands in today’s world. Even though there are cheaper options such as Samsung, Huawei, and HTC, loyal Apple customers always prefer Apple over the other options due to Apple’s high-quality and reliable products. Whether it is due to Steve Job’s extensive marketing campaigns or Apple’s brand image, Apple has surely made its mark in the industry. The various products of Apple range from iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches too. So, let’s illuminate some details about one of the most anticipated products of this brand, i.e. Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 Features, Price and Release Date

Apple Watch Series 6 Striking Features

The specifications of the most awaited Apple Watch Series 6 are available now. The appearance of Apple Watch Series 6 has some similarities to its preceding version, Apple Watch Series 5. However, there are a lot of new attractive features in this version too. Firstly, this model will have WatchOS 7 installed in it. It also has different shades that give it a customized look. Along with different shades, users can also avail of the option of using different cases too.

Some features are focusing on the user’s health too. The health feature has the ability to detect the blood oxygen level, which shows that it can lower the risk of heart attacks due to the constant notifications. A sleep-tracking feature has also been introduced which makes it possible to set sleeping patterns and view the sleep cycle. This model will have a redesigned version of its digital crown too.

The digital crown would consist of light sensors as well as rotational features. Although the previous watches were water-resistant too, Apple has focused on providing a new and enhanced version of this feature. This increases the water-resistance of the new Apple Watch Series 6 and makes it more durable for the customers which somehow proves that customers would be willing to spend their money on this innovative product. A micro-LED display has been added which is better than the previous OLEDs as it will aid in increasing battery life. There are rumours that it will be able to track mental health stability too-which is the most attractive feature due to its innovativeness. Moreover, users can also unlock the device by their heartbeat.  

Apple Watch Series 6 Features, Price and Release Date

Release Date

This much-awaited product would release in the first week of September as per the unofficial news. However, due to the current pandemic situation, the date might get postponed. This extension of the release date has disappointed the customers as the attractive features of Apple Watch Series 6 have made it impossible to wait any longer. Let’s hope it releases as soon as possible and meets the expectations of its customers just like the products released earlier.

Price Range

The official price range of the watch has not been announced yet but the earlier trends show that the price of the new watch would be almost equal to the previous models. This means that Apple would be able to attract its older customers along with the newer ones as the price has not increased. The price would vary from $399 to $1499 as there are multiple variants of a single watch that are priced according to their features. 

This is all the information we have about the Apple Watch Series 6 and probably it is enough to target its potential customers. By looking at the price, specifications, and release date, customers can easily decide whether this product is worth buying or not. Further information can only be released when Apple chooses to announce it. Till then this information is sufficient to make buying decisions.

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