Apple Watch Series 8 Specs, Rumors, and Release Date

Apple Watch Series 8 Specs, Rumors, and Release Date

The previous Apple Watch Series 7 is just a few months old, but we’re already anticipating the next model, which is designated the Apple Watch Series 8 and is expected to be on sale sometime in 2017. This year’s smartwatch might be completely reworked for the upcoming edition. It may also be able to enhance our current system. Regardless, it’s likely to be the best smartwatch on the market. Rumors are already flying about the next generation of smartwatches. Early Apple Watch 8 (and watchOS 9) rumors are worth keeping an eye on because the Apple Watch is the industry standard for wearable computing.  Even though we have no idea what it will look like, we can speculate. Yes, we all are interested in finding out more. Here’s all we know so far about the Apple Watch 8.

Fresh Look

Despite all the rumors, the design of the Apple Watch Series 7 was very similar to the design of the Apple Watch Series 6. The bigger display featured rounded corners and a similar overall design to the previous generation gadget.

According to rumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 upgrade has been pushed back because of production difficulties next year. According to this, an Apple Watch with a flat back might be introduced next year to go along with the next iPhone and iPad versions.

The earliest renderings of what was initially thought to be the Apple Watch Series 7 were posted by Jon Prosser. They have an Apple Watch on display in several colors.

Apple Watch Series 8 Specs, Rumors, and Release Date

Apple Watch Series 8 Specifications

Little progress was made on the inside of the Apple Watch Series 7. However, this might change for the Apple Watch Series 8 model.

However, having a substantially speedier CPU would ensure that the Apple Watch remains relevant for a longer period. To enhance the battery life of the Series 7, Apple was said to be working on a new double-sided System-on-a-Chip (SoC). Series 8 may also use this technology. 

It’s feasible that the Apple Watch Series 8 will have a better battery life regardless of whether or not such technology is included. In history, for the first time, the Apple Watch can monitor sleep, which needs greater battery life.

There is a built-in fitness tracker in the new Apple Watch Series 8. Rumors of better fitness monitoring on the Apple Watch have been floating around for a while. Apple is rumored to be developing an Apple Watch feature that might help consumers diagnose or monitor diabetes. The gadget would benefit greatly from this.

An Apple skin temperature sensor might help with fertility planning, according to a Bloomberg story. Until Series 8 is released, we’ll have to wait and see how better fitness monitoring is.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price and Release Date

We are still a long way away from the official launch of the Apple Watch Series 8. The Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13 series were announced during an event in September 2021. At the same time, in 2022, the next item is scheduled to be revealed. The pricing of the smaller variant is likely to remain at $399.

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