FaceTime is Going to be Available on Android and Windows

Apple’s FaceTime is Going to be Available on Android and Windows

FaceTime is a useful application that has strengthened the communication behaviour of iOS users. Be it an iPhone or iPad, and for virtual face-to-face interaction, FaceTime is ideal. Moreover, Apple’s video chat application is easy-to-use and is available in every iOS system. You can connect with your friends or family anytime using this application. Make sure to have a stable internet connection, or else you might face connectivity issues.

With FaceTime, many entrepreneurs are handling business operations remotely. You can also fix minor technical issues by connecting with an expert via FaceTime. So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that you can do much more using this video calling application. And, Apple has announced that Android and Windows users will be able to use FaceTime. But, they did not yet disclose whether this application will be released in the PlayStore or Microsoft Store.

In the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled a few interesting aspects. Along with redesigning its 14-inch MacBook Pro, they also talked about the key specifications of the upcoming FaceTime web app. All non-Apple users can access this video-audio chat platform, but there are certain limitations.

Want to know what those are? Or, more about this latest news of the FaceTime launch? Here, we are providing some essential details that were discussed at WWDC 2021 regarding Apple FaceTime.

FaceTime is Going to be Available on Android and Windows

Can the Non-Apple Users FaceTime from Different Platforms?

Every year at WWDC, Apple reveals what the users can expect from the different iOS platforms.

And, during its latest video conference, they stated a few points. While announcing the iOS 15 update, Apple talked about FaceTime’s new features. For example, the latest version of FaceTime might contain a Zoom-Esque overhaul.

Moreover, Apple and Non-Apple users can access this application from different platforms. Along with these, FaceTime users can now schedule and connect to office-related meetings via a link.

Thinking who can generate this video link? Well, the FaceTime users on Mac or other iOS can generate the meeting’s link. After creating the links, they have to send that to the Windows and Android users. Once you tap on the link, you can connect with the members.

But make sure to use a reliable web browser while using FaceTime. For using incorrect web browsers, you might face cybersecurity issues. Even cybercriminals can monitor the business-related information you are sharing in the FaceTime meetings. So, contact the UAE Technician, renew the SSL certificate and use FaceTime without worrying about data breaches.

FaceTime is Going to be Available on Android and Windows

Features Going to be Added in FaceTime

Along with cross-platform accessibility, Apple debunked several exciting features of FaceTime. Wondering what those could be? Well, in the updated version of FaceTime, Apple has improved both the video and audio quality. Earlier, many iOS users have reported about these applications’ audio issues.

These sorts of audio-related problems used to occur in FaceTime’s noise cancellation algorithm. Many have switched to other video calling applications like Zoom after getting audio and video glitches. So, Apple has aimed at resolving these severe issues in the current version of FaceTime.

Will there be a Portrait Mode?

Apple is adding the most-requested features like Portrait Mode in FaceTime to stand out in this stiff competition. If you use Zoom or Google Meet, then you must have noticed this feature. And now, you will be able to use Portrait Mode in FaceTime as well.

Portrait Mode is useful for clicking selfies on iPhones; everyone knows that. But what’s the importance of using Portrait Mode in FaceTime? Why did Apple think of adding this feature in the first place? With Portrait Mode, FaceTime’s camera will focus on your face and blur the background. So, this feature is going to be a valuable addition to this video-calling app.

Is Apple Thinking of Adding Spatial Audio Technology?

Apple is also thinking about adding a spatial audio feature to improve sound clarity. With the help of this feature, you can distinguish a user’s voice from the other participants. For example, think about a FaceTime meeting with people who are talking at the same time. It would be impossible to hear what they are actually saying, isn’t it? For this reason, the live voice application should use spatial audio to help you distinguish the sounds clear.

Moreover, in a room, sounds often bounce off the ceiling or walls, creating an obstruction. So, to remove such sound issues, Apple will implement the spatial audio technology in FaceTime. You will hear the caller’s voice based on the location where they currently are.

To reduce the background sound, new Microphone modes are going to launch as well. By adding these audio features, Apple is trying to enhance the user’s audio experience while using FaceTime.

Is there Going to be a SharePlay Feature? 

If you use game consoles, then you must have an idea of a SharePlay feature. This feature allows the user to share the screen with another user. Though, the function of SharePlay of a console and iOS devices are quite similar. But, on an Android, iOS or Windows device, you can do much more using this feature.

Listen to unlimited music, watch popular TV shows and movies with your friends with FaceTime’s SharePlay feature.  Use SharePlay on iPhone, iPad and other iOS or listen to the media files.

Do you know what the best part about this feature is? You can pause and play the media’s any time you want using its shared control option. In addition, SharePlay comes with a picture-in-picture mode that helps users capture their friends’ reaction and the media simultaneously.

Isn’t that amazing? Disney+, Hulu, Paramount, Twitch and HBO Max support SharePlay till now. And, it can be expected that, at the end of 2021, SharePlay will also be available on iOS devices.

Can the FaceTime Users Expect to Have a FaceLift Feature?

With the iOS 15 update, Apple will transform FaceTime into an effective tool that will do more than just video calling. Apple has confirmed that the updated version of the app will be ideal for professional meetings. Additionally, FaceTime will make the group movie nights more exciting and thrilling. It will be easier to access and might go ahead in the competition with its exclusive features like FaceLift.

Thinking about what you can do with FaceTime’s FaceLift? This feature has aimed at improving the way how users look during video-chatting. If your neck is looking flabby during the video calls, you can fix that with this feature. Many iOS users have earlier complained about the beck flab issue on FaceTime. To fix that issue, Apple is going to add a FaceLift feature. You can now hide your flaws with these sort of useful FaceTime features.

Explore Endless Possibilities with the Updated Version of FaceTime — Best Features are on the Way

FaceTime might be coming within a few months, but don’t expect Apple’s walled garden to be obsolete. Apple might have discussed FaceTime’s new features, but they didn’t clarify certain things.

But, it can be assumed that the Android or Windows users won’t be able to set up FaceTime’s call invitation links. Thus, Apple is letting non-iOS users access this app, but they have partial control over it. Also, the FaceTime calls will be encrypted, which will prevent the cyber-attackers from decoding the audio. So, keep the conversation private with Apple’s FaceTime.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios.
When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games

Masab Farooque
Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games