Can't Turn Off Chainsaw in Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Chainsaw Overload Bug!

Are the Servers Down in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Texas Chain Saw Massacre was recently released and the community is happier than ever before. We got BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3), then for the lovers of Football, Madden NFL 24, and now Texas Chainsaw. What more can the gaming community wish for? Well, there is a bit of trouble with finding Are the Servers Down in Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Well, we got the details for that below.

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Introduction to Texas Chain Saw Massacre

All the Horror Video Game and Movie lovers already know about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Well, the game doesn’t need an introduction for those die-hard fans, but for the newer audience, it might be confusing.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a less horror video game that takes on the asymmetrical Horror movie from 1947, that goes by the same name.

In the game, you start off as the victim, trying to escape the Chainsaw Man and the family of horror. There is a multiplayer experience as well, allowing the friends to play together and enjoy some extreme horror time together.

To get the most out of this game, we recommend you turn off the lights, bump that volume to its max and lower the brightness. Play alone, if you dare!

Are the Servers Down in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Are the Servers Down in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

No, the servers are not down in Texas Chainsaw Man. The real issue with the game is that the player count suddenly peaked that resulted in the servers overloading.

Steam Launcher also poses issues when the player counts for a game suddenly increase. A good restart to the game might fix the issue of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Server Down.

As for the other issues of the game, you can simply follow the methods below to fix them.

Check Your System Requirements

To solve the issues in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you have to check the minimum requirements of the game and match them with your PC. It could be that the game has extremely high requirements and your PC might not be up there. Before you start playing the game, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5 6th gen or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GPUNvidia Geforce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580
Storage30 GB available space
Minimum Requirements for Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Recommended Requirements
CPUIntel Core i7 10th gen or AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
GPUNvidia Geforce RTX 3070 or AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
Storage30 GB available space
Recommended Requirements for Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Updating Driver

It’s also important to ensure that your system has the latest drivers installed. Using outdated drivers can cause various problems, including low performance, fps drop, stuttering, freezing, and so on. You can use Driver Easy, which is a free tool that allows you to easily install and update all of the missing drivers on your PC.

  • If you are an Nvidia user, you should go to Nvidia Experience, download it, sign up or log in, and simply use it to get the latest drivers.
  • In case you are an AMD user, you should go to the AMD support, download the app, open it, and utilize the information given to get the latest drivers.

Repairing and Verifying the Game Files

Close all the Tabs in the game and restart your PC. Then relaunch the game after that and it’s time to verify the Game Files

Again, open your Steam Library, go to the Properties of Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and from there to the Local Files. Find the option for Verify Integrity of Game Files and launch the game. It should Fix Texas Chainsaw Massacre issues.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Sometimes the game files are blocked by the Antivirus and Firewall as a protective measure. It might term a game file as malware or a virus, but it is a false protocol, resulting in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Crashing. To fix that, you need to Disable Antivirus and Firewall.

If you don’t want to deprive the whole Windows of Virus Protection, then you can just Whitelist the Texas Chain Saw Massacre folder only.

Closing Unnecessary Application

Sometimes the unnecessary stuff you have connected with your PC while playing Texas Chain Saw Massacre is causing the issue of poor performance. Try disconnecting all the things that are unnecessarily there.

It also includes Unplugging the unnecessary stuff you have connected to your PC as well.

Game Bug and Corrupted Files

Sometimes, corrupted files can cause the issue of Can’t Find Match in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You can check the integrity of your game’s files in the Steam client. This will verify the game’s files and automatically replace any missing or corrupted ones with newer versions from the Steam servers.

It could also be a Game Bug that causes this issue. Wait for the developers to roll out an update on Texas Chainsaw Massacre that will probably fix it.

In short; No the Servers are not Down in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is just the player peak in Steam that is causing the servers to be overloaded. It results in your not finding a match and having other issues with the game. Hope this helps!

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