Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back for Fubar Season 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back for Fubar Season 2

Netflix’s Fubar is officially renewed for season 2. Schwarzenegger will return for another season. Arnold’s TV debut proved to be a great hit for the streaming platform. The comedy/action thriller series performed well on the streaming platform. Also, the series received decent reviews from the critics and the audience. The series was watched for 88 million hours in the first week of its release. Fubar has a 6.5 rating on IMDb and a 50% score on RottenTomatoes which is enough for Netflix to continue with another season.

The series follows the father-daughter duo as both of them learn that they have been secretly working as CIA agents without telling each other. But, their secret comes out when both of them are forced to work together.

Fubar is not the only project linked with the Australian Bodybuilder. Netflix also released a documentary “Arnold” based on his life. Also, The actor is an executive producer of the series.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back for Fubar Season 2

Fubar Season 2 Release Date

Netflix officially announced the news of the second season on Tudum event. Netflix officially announced the renewal news on June 17th, 2023 at the TUDUM event in Brazil. Before the release of the series, the actor revealed that “people always asked him when will he do another project like True Lies. Well, here it is.”

But, Netflix has not officially announced the release date for season two. The series might release by the end of 2024. As it took 12 months for the first season to complete filming.


The first season ended on a cliffhanger. Tina was revealed to be a Russian double agent. Tina was spying on the CIA and NSA to get important information. The Russian double agent helped Luke and Emma to continue spying on the CIA. Season 2 will give us insight into her true motives.

All of the CIA agents decided to run to protect themselves from the criminal network after their identities were revealed. It will be hilarious to see Luke trying to fit in a different place. Also, the father-daughter duo will become closer as both of them will be facing dangers together. They managed to operate together after continuous bickering and therapy sessions. Emma also convinced her father to stop her mother from remarrying. So, there will be more drama and bonding moments for the duo in the upcoming season.

Also, there going to be more stunts in the new season. Aparna Brielle who plays Tina on the show revealed in an interview that she wants to do more stunts like her cast members in the first season. Nick Santora, the director of the show revealed that he grew up watching Arnold’s movies, and “he liked how his characters could be funny while still Kicking ass”. So if Netflix decides to renew the show there are definitely going to be more action sequences.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back for Fubar Season 2


All the major cast members from the previous season will return for season 2.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Monica Barbaro
  • Milan Carter
  • Fortune Feimster 
  • Travis Van Winkle 
  • Fabiana Udenio 
  • Jay Baruchel 
  • Barbara Eve Harris
  • Aparna Brielle 
  • Andy Buckley 
  • Devon Bostick 

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