AskGary: Entering its 25th anniversary, which remains focused on helping victims

AskGary: Entering its 25th anniversary, which remains focused on helping victims

For victims of car accidents, all the medical and legal jargon associated with medical claims or diagnoses can be confusing and frightening. Fortunately, 1800 AskGary is a free hotline for those dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. With an outstanding reputation supporting the business for over 25 years, accident sufferers can find the answers they need from trusted service.

The amazing history of 1 800 AskGary:

Gary Kompothecras opened a multi-disciplinary medical clinic in 1996, bringing something entirely new to the trauma healing process. His unique vision makes him invest in more than just an immediate injury by leading a neurosurgeon, nurses, practitioners, Radiologists, massage therapists, and other medical professionals to come to work, focusing on a broad perspective of treatment allows. Dr. Gary to get the latest medical equipment, high-tech machines, and diagnostic tools allows clinics to assess injuries and reveal information about victims more efficiently than traditional physical examinations.

This is a new approach to treating accidental injuries. Patients receive the highest quality care from a medical team that draws on their accumulated experience and the latest technological advances in diagnosing specific injuries. This has a huge impact on the claim process because, before this method, many victims are forced to settle claims for reasons of non-specific soft tissue injury. This model of care affects accident victims financially, physically, and psychologically.

AskGary: Entering its 25th anniversary, which remains focused on helping victims

Moving from physical care to 1,800, AskGary:

While Physican’s Group, LLC has made great strides in providing quality care for accident victims, Dr. Gary recognizes that the services provided are not always enough. His care practice model became the first to be accredited with the Industry’s Gold Standard of Excellence – Joint Commission on Healthcare Organization Accreditation. Still, his patients wanted something more. In talking to his patients, Dr Gary realized a lack of awareness about the health care benefits provided by car insurance.

Dr. Gary recognizes that many people suffer from pain and injury. This is because these people are reluctant to seek professional medical help. For many people, finances and lack of resources are the main reasons. To solve this problem, Dr Gary has set up the 1 800 AskGary Accident Hotline. Accident victims can find out their rights and contact a doctor or lawyer with just one phone call. The launch of this hotline was an incredible success, and Dr Gary trademarked the name to ensure that the quality care and concern he initiated for the resource was consistent.

Growing 1 800 AskGary:

Years ago, Dr. Gary’s vision of care and support reached Florida residents only. Now, more than 200,000 people in three states are receiving help through the hotline. 1 800 AskGary is completely free and available 24 hours a day, Seven days a week to accident victims in Minnesota, Florida, and New Mexico. Callers are provided with information on how to be treated and connected to the professional services needed to find treatment and monetary compensation for motor vehicle accidents.

The lasting power of 1 800 AskGary:

Accident victims trust Dr. Gary’s brand and quality care approach. Now into its 25th year, 1,800 AskGary remains committed to helping accident victims when they need them most.

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