Bad Boys 4 release date

Bad Boys 4, Sony’s quick action to make another movie.

Bad Boys 3 also known as Bad Boys For Life just released on the big screens. It was an unexpected hit at the box office. The first part was released in 1995 and earned more than 140 million dollars at the box office.

Will Smith became famous for his breakthrough role of Will Smith on Fresh Prince of Bell-air. But, he became a megastar because of his movies like Bad Boys and I am a legend. He also did a noticeable role in the Suicide Squad back in 2015.

Now with his big net worth. He is definitely looking for good roles right now. He has been facing a difficult time these days when it comes to choosing a good movie.

However, with the brilliant success of the bad boy’s 3. He is getting ready for another bad boy movie.

Bad Boys 4 Cast

Sony’s quick action

It took 17 years to create the third installment of the movie. The second once was created in 2003 and it earned more than 170 million dollars at the box office.

It is still unknown why it took them too long to create the third installment even though it was going so good at the box office and even git positive reviews from the public and critics.

It seems like they were not sure about the third installment but Martin Lawrence’s and Will Smith’s duo is hilarious and yet filled with thrill. It is Will’s witty nature and yet his physique that screams “Action Freak” that attracted a lot of audiences to the cinemas.

Production and Release Date of Bad Boys 4

Sony has started the production of the movie and we do not know when they are going to shoot the movie.

However, Sony is up for the new movie and they are also excited to bring a new project to the fans. Fans do not like Will in any new character but they are liking him in this one and it is good that he is going this classic action movie.

Bad Boys 4 release date trailer


Martin Lawrence and Will Smith both of them are ready for the fourth installment. There is no news about the release date of the movie yet. But it will probably release in 2021.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.