Bad news for Jughead and Betty(Bughead) fans

Riverdale has been one of the most famous and favorite Drama series for fans all around the world. Cole’s spouse and Lili Reinhart both play love interests on the Tv show. But if the source has confirmed that they broke recently. This is bad news for bughead stans.

The on-screen chemistry of both actors has been a phenomenon. It’s not only that they were really good friends in real life as well.

Their chemistry was so good and it seemed so pure.

Cole seemed so invested in his relationship with the beautiful actress. It is still not confirmed what isn’t the reason behind their painful breakup.

The fate of Riverdale.

The other thing that might concern the fans is fate. What is going to happen in the Riverdale next? Rumors are circulating that Jughead is going to die in the new season.

Fans were devasted when they heard the news. It seems true as both of the actors have broken up with each other.

Their relationship was the key to their perfection screen chemistry.

Same happened with the Vampire diaries: No Bughead anymore

Fans who remember back in the day when Nina Dobrev left the vampire diaries. She left the vampire diaries because she wanted to explore new opportunities provided by the industry.

But true fans believe it is not true. Damon and Elena’s chemistry was so good. Ian Somerhalder being married to Nikki reed. Fans believe that it must have been difficult for both of them to stay and shoot a series where their relationship is so much intense.

Fans believe that the same is going going to happen with Riverdale. Cole Sprouse may leave Riverdale. If not cole then Lili maybe.

We are hoping for the best and definitely support not of the actors whether they are together or not.

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Aliza Fatyma
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