Beginners Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Beginners Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Well, look what we have here! A complete Beginners Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to help you make the best out of this game in the early stages. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the latest entry for lovers of Pokemon to enjoy. It isn’t like other Pokemon games, rather gives you a complete world where you can talk with people, and interact with Pokemon, and basically is just like the Pokemon Cartoon. 

We all love Pokemon Games and this one is surely the one you would like to enjoy if you haven’t. So, we went ahead and compiled this Starters Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to help you get the most out of this game without wasting your precious time somewhere else.

Best Starting Position in Paldea

Let’s start with Paldea and where you have to go from there on. Honestly, you can skip school in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, then go on your own journey from there onwards. But, I am not here to tell you that you should do it, rather the first few classes are made just for you.

You need to take those initially and then you will be able to get the three paths on the game after finishing them. After getting the task from the Academy Director, you will have to follow the objectives and get to know Paldea better.

Our suggestion in this Beginners Guide to Scarlet and Violet is that you shouldn’t start going to Gym from there onwards, rather you need to first experience the wild. There are quite a few good Pokemon when you go from Los Platos to the Beachside. 

Here you will also find the River converting to Ocean and you will find Magikarp there which are useful in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

They might not be that good initially but later on, you can convert the Pokemon found there into much stronger beings. Furthermore, you will also get a lot more from using them in battle. 

Using the Scales of Magikarp and Buizel Fur, you can make Water Pulse TMs, which are great moves for a Starter. 

Area Two

At the time of Area Two, which is in the South Province, you will have to take the path towards Contondo and then register it as a location for Flying. Now, it’s time to start exploring the Gym.

Use Rock, Flying, or Fire Pokemon for the Contondo’s Gym because there is a Bug Pokemon used there. Between the Contondo and Watchtower areas, you will find Wild Tera Diglett, go for it. 

In Levincia’s Electric Type Gym, you can use this Pokemon because of Rock Style. 

Area Three

In Area Three, towards the South Province, you need to go for the First Gym which is a must to get onwards with the story. But here in our Beginners Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we suggest you get pokemon like Nacli, Klawf, and Charcadet here. 

Area Four

Make sure to have some Pokeballs as well with you when you are going from the land bridge toward the South Province which is Area Four. You will come across some Pokemon like Charcadet, Pikachu, Rufflet, Swablue, and Scyther. You can get the best roster here for the early game. 

Tera Pokemon

Last but not least, there is a Tera Pokemon here somewhere in Area Two, Three, and Area Four either in the Special Den or in the Wild itself. You can find them marked on your map. 

The reason I am focusing on this in our Starters Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is that you can’t find specific Pokemon later on. Like in the South Province of Area Two, you will find the Gastly Pokemon, which you can’t find later on in the game.

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Beginners Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Titans or Gyms

Ahhh, the same old question! Most of the time Pokemon fans think that going to the Gym and getting rid of the Gym Leaders is the real way the game should be played. While it might not be what you need to hear, it is the other way around. 

Especially in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to go for Titan Battles because they give you Koraidon’s Power and Mairaidon’s Power. Furthermore, this helps you get Swimming and Gliding early on in the game. 

I am not saying that Defeating Gym Leaders is worthless, rather you need to do it in order to move onward in the game. If you focus more on the Titans you will get to explore quickly and things will turn out to be much easier. 

Being a Starter’s Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we recommend you to go for Stony Titan and Open Air Titan primarily in this game. For the Stony Titan, you need Fighting, Water, Ground, or Grass Moves to counter Rock Type. 

For the Open Air Titan, you need Rock or Electric Type because of the Bombirdier. 

Best Early Game Pokemons in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Pokemon you need to get early on in our Beginners Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 


If you have been going on with the news on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you might have heard the news of a new Pokemon. Well, Charcadet right here is that same pokemon and has some crazy evolutions to pick from. 

It depends on you whichever you might be going for, but all of them are perfect. Your choice is between attack, defense, and moveset. You can find this Pokemon in Area Four or Area Three of the South Province. But, as always you can go nuts early on in the game with this Pokemon. One of the best Starting Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


It might be a surprise that I am rooting heavily for Pawmi in our Beginners Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But before you judge, listen to this out!

Pawmi might be weak and also have low stats but when it comes to catching other Pokemon there is nothing better than Pawmi. There is an ability that unlocks at Level 12 of Pawmi called Nuzzle that paralyzes the other Pokemon in battle. You can use it to catch Pokemon that you wouldn’t be able to in the Early game. 

You can find Pawmi in the area around the Los Platos


When it comes to defending, there isn’t any other Pokemon better than Nacli. This Pokemon is a Rock Type having quite a high attack power, along with even higher defense power. You can find Nacli in Area 3 of the South Province. 

Use Nacli for the NPC Trainers and your first-ever Gym, you won’t regret getting this Pokemon. 


You also need a Pokemon that specializes in form evolving. Eevees aren’t quite a high-stat Pokemon but they are quite rare to get. You can get your hands outside the region of Cortondo. Alongside this, you need the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Evolution Stones. 

Starly or Fletchling

Both of the above-mentioned Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are Flying Type Pokemon. Both the Grass and Bug types are useless against a Flying Type Pokemon, so you can use them in the first Gym type for both. 

Look for both of these Best Early Game Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Area Two of the South Province.


Last but not least, we have here a Dark Type Pokemon that you need Early on in the Pokemon Game. It isn’t good in the Cortondo Gym, but being exceptionally strong, you can finish fast on lower-defense Opponents. 

You can find Maschiff in Area Three/Two of the South Province near the Fields or the Hills.

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Final Verdict

Well, here is everything you need to start great in this Pokemon Game. We divided our Beginners Guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet into three types; the first being the locations, the second being the Gym or Titan, and the third, being the Pokemon you need Early on. Hope this Guide helps you out in making the best out of your Pokemon Game. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Later Gamers!


Are both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet the same?

Well, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are considered the same game and they are for the most part except for the fact that when you get Pokemon Scarlet, you get Koraidon and when you get Pokemon Violet, you get Miraidon.

What is the Difference between Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet?

Both of them have different mechanics, requirements, plots, and also Trainers, alongside Pokemon. The similar thing is that both of them have three paths; Path of Legends, Victory Road, and Starfall Street

Are there trading cards in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Yes, there are Pokemon Cards Trading Cards in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, having new generation, Paldea Collection, and so on.

On which platform can I play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

You can play both of them exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Besides this, there is no other Console or PC that allows you to play this Pokemon Game on.

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