Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Louise might be alive

Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Louise might be alive

Behind Her Eyes was released on February 17th, 2021 on Netflix. It has been trending in many countries. The series had six episodes and no one expected to see the ending to be this much interesting. The show is rapidly gaining fame because of its unexpected ending. It received positive reviews.

The show ended on a cliff-hanger. Netflix has not confirmed Behind Her Eyes Season 2 yet. But, judging by the response and appreciation it is getting from viewers all around the world, Behind Her Eyes Season 2 is definitely a possibility. After the final episode fans have been curious what is going to happen next?. There are a lot of questions that have not been answered yet.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Louise might be alive

Is the pigeon Louise or Adele?

After Rob transferred himself from Adele’s body to Louise’s body with his evil plan, he went to Louise’s apartment. The camera focused on a pigeon in the kitchen. Some people believe that the pigeon might be Louise or adele. People believe that Adele might have transferred herself in the pigeon in the woods that night when Rob transferred himself into Adele’s body. Adele’s soul might have shifted herself in the pigeon. There is a possibility the pigeon was there in the woods that night. Adele might be in the pigeon. The pigeon might be Louise too.

People have been sharing their theories on Reddit about what is going to happen in season 2. People also took over Twitter to show their reactions.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Will Rob kill Adam?

Now there is no one standing in Rob’s way and he can live the perfect married life he always wanted to live with Rob. But, there is still Louise’s son Adam that might be in danger. Adam hinted that Louise his mother is changed. Rob’s reaction was terrifying. Poor Adam might be in danger. However, it seems like Louise’s night terrors did have a meaning.

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