Best Broken Builds in Dota 2 7.33

Best Broken Builds in Dota 2 7.33

Hello there Gamers! Dota 2 has been going wild recently in its 7.33 update. Well, we aren’t here to talk about the update or anything like that. We are here to help you make the Best Broken Build in Dota 2 7.33. Without any further delay, let’s cut to the chase here.

Abaddon Carry Build

When you are a beginner just starting out with Dota 2, there are quite a few heroes that seem fit. Out of them all, Abaddon is amongst the top choices.

It isn’t that popular when talking about the Pro League players, but still, it isn’t that useless. You can use Abaddon as a carry to create a Broken Build in Dota 2 7.33.

When you get the Abaddon Ultimate, it will cause Burn Damage. Previously it wasn’t present in the game but after the 7.33 Update Changes, Abaddon got a ton of power.

You can further put the Aghanim’s Scepter on Abaddon and then put up Radiance on top, the DPS is taken to the next level.

Abaddon is versatile and you can also go for Manta Style, as well as Blink. You can combine it with the previous two items, making farming effortless, as well as become exceptionally well with team fights.

Medusa Safeland and Offlane Build

Medusa wasn’t that great when Dota 2 was launched to the public, but that time has long gone. In the latest and greatest 7.33, Medusa is termed as the best Hardcarry in the game.

Media is known for being exceptionally well with the Safe, as well as the Mid Lane. You can also take her for a spin in the Offlane if you like.

If you are on the Offlane, you can nuke enemies because of your Mystic Snake ability. You can farm quite efficiently and get more kills here as well.

Just get your hands on Aghanim’s Scepter, Shard, Veil, and Octarine Core and you are good to go. It will be a confirmed Broken Build in Dota 2 7.33.

Nyx Assassin Borken Build

When you are picking Nyx, you have to make sure skills are available. Just like Meepo, you just can’t rush to pick Nyx without having a plan, as well as knowing how to play Nyx Assassin.

Nyx is the meta here and you can put up Power Threads, Desolator, and finally an Echo Blade to make the complete Broken Build with the Nyx Assassin.

It is focused on the Burst Damage that Nyx deals with most of the time. You need to put the most focus on the Mana Burn here, upgrading it to the max.

After these items, you can go for either a Monkey King Bar or a Daedalus. Just make sure you don’t die in the process.


Dota 2 is like a wave… sometimes it can get to a high point and sometimes it can get to a low point, moving around in waves. Previously, the game was totally trash, as the balance was out. Not in the 7.33 Update, things are back to normal. Here in this guide, we have the Best Broken Builds in Dota 2 7.33 to help you make the most out of your Dota 2 Journey.

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