Best Cheap 144Hz Gaming Monitors: Black Friday Deals

Best Cheap 144Hz Gaming Monitors: Black Friday Deals

Every gaming setup requires a Gaming Monitor. If you’ve been playing on a 60Hz refresh rate monitor then you are going to notice a huge gap between a 60Hz monitor and a 144Hz monitor. If you are used to playing games at 60FPS and you enable “Vertical Sync” then a 60Hz refresh monitor is perfectly fine for you. However, if you are playing a First Person Shooter game like CSGO, playing at 60 FPS and on a 60Hz is not preferred. Why? Because your monitor won’t refresh the frames quick enough to keep up with the movement of the enemy player. Higher Framerate also lowers the input-lag. Moreover, the 144Hz Gaming Monitors Display is a lot smoother than the 60Hz.

High speed 144Hz monitors help increase gameplay fluidity and gamer response. The difference between a 60Hz and a 144Hz monitor becomes obvious when gamers on 144Hz screens literally see things before 60Hz players when competing in online multiplayer. While the advantage never exceeds fractions of a second, it’s enough to make a big difference in games that rely on reflexes.

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144Hz basically means it can refresh 144 times in one second and 60Hz can refresh 60 times in one second. So, now you know the difference between the 60Hz and 144Hz Gaming Monitors. We are going to recommend you some Best 144Hz Gaming Monitors which are currently on sale right now.

Dell S2421HGF 24inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor

A premium Dell 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor is on sale right now. Premium display with a 1ms Response time and a 1080p Full HD display. The design is pretty neat and bold, however, the Monitor is not completely bezel-less but the 3-sided narrow bezel gives out a premium look. It comes with AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology.

  • Screen Size: 23.8″
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz.
  • Technology: TN.

It comes with a Power Connector, Security Lock Slot, 2 HDMI ports, Headphone Out Port and a DisplayPort. The product is currently on sale on Amazon. You can buy it at $170.99

Dell S2421HGF 24inch FHD TN, Anti-Glare Gaming Monitor – 1ms Response time, 1080p 144Hz, LED edgelight System, AMD FreeSync Premium, VESA, Gray
Best Cheap 144Hz Gaming Monitors: Black Friday Deals

MSI Optix MAG241C

Another good looking Gaming Monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate we are going to discuss is MSI Optix MAG241C. A 24 Inches Monitor with a Full HD 1920 x1080 display can fulfil all your gaming needs. It also comes with AMD FreeSync™ Premium Technology. The best thing is, it is a 24”Gaming Curved Monitor.

Visualize your victory with the MSI Optix MAG241C curved gaming monitor. Equipped with a 1920×1080, 144hz Refresh rate, 1ms response time panel, the Optix MAG241C will give you the competitive edge you need to take down your opponents. Built with FreeSync technology, the MAG241C can match the display’s refresh rate with your GPU for ultra-smooth gameplay. Make sure you can hit your mark with all the latest technologies built-in the MSI Curved Gaming monitors for competitive play.

MSI Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate USB/DP/HDMI Smart Headset Hanger Free Sync 24”Gaming Curved Monitor (Optix MAG241C) – Black
Best Cheap 144Hz Gaming Monitors: Black Friday Deals
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