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Best Way to Remove Socketed Gems in Diablo 4 – Tip and Trick!

Diablo 4 has a socket system that allows the players to put gems on the weapons, granting that piece of equipment special attributes, buffs, and enchantments. Putting these sockets on the weapons isn’t a hefty task, but removing one surely is. You can’t take a chance as the gems and the sockets cost you a fortune, and they are also quite hard to come across. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we have the Best way to Remove Socketed Gems in Diablo 4, that can save you the extra cost.

Best Way to Remove Socketed Gems in Diablo 4 - Tip and Trick!

Salvaging Tips for Removing Gem

When you want to remove the Gem from a socket, you don’t have to pass through multiple steps here. Just use the process of Salvaging to salvage your gear in Diablo 4.

Take out your equipment with a socket and a gem. Then salvage it and you will automatically get the gem removed from your gear. Just open your inventory afterward and you will find the gem there.

This can also save you a ton of gold, unlike the other processes like asking the jeweler to remove the socketed gem.

Best Way to Remove Socketed Gems in Diablo 4 is Salvaging through the Blacksmith.

Steps to Remove Socketed Gems

  • Go to the Blacksmith
  • Click on “Directly in Inventory”
  • Use the process of Salvage
  • Salvage your Socketed Gem Gear
  • Proceed

After the process is completed, you will get the Gem removed from the Socket without paying anything extra and your gear will also be salvaged in return. Simple as that!

There are some things you need to keep in mind here, which is selecting the “Directly in Inventory” option. If you select “All Junk” you won’t get the gem back.

The Verdict

Diablo 4 is a versatile game, providing users with various ways to install sockets on the weapons and also remove them. To Remove Sockets from Weapons in Diablo 4, you can take that socketed weapon to the jeweler and that skilled crafter can remove it for some extra cost.

But, the Best Way to Remove Socketed Gems in Diablo 4 without paying anything extra is to simply Salvage it through Blacksmith, while selecting the “Directly in Inventory” option. You will get the Gem straight into your inventory. Hope, this Tip and Trick helped you out.


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