Biggest Flop Movies of 2019

Biggest Box Office Flop movies of 2019.

2019 has been a good year so for. So many good movies released this year on the big screens. Avengers: Endgame was the biggest blockbuster movie of the year. It earned more than 2 billion dollars at the box office. No wonder it was a big-budget and fan-favorite movie of the movie.

However, there were many big budgets and highly anticipated movies of the year which failed to earn big at the box office.

There are many new movies which are going to end by the end of December like Frozen 2 and the new stars wars.

We are going to make a shortlist of the biggest flop movies of 2019. However, there are many movies who people thought would make big this hear but failed. It is the time that directors and writers bring something new and improved to the screens.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Budget: 200 million USD

Box office: 252.2 million USD

The movie made good money but it failed to beat the Avengers endgame. It was a good movie with a talented cast Sophia Turner. She is famous for playing the role of Sansa Stark. However, it is sad to see a movie like Dark Phoenix gaining this low at the box office.

Charlie Angels

Budget: 45 million USD

Box office: 50 million USD

The movie is a reboot of the legendary Charlie angels. It had Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks. The data was good and the plot was good too. But it gained less as compared to the previous ones. The one’s with Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz gained more than 250 million dollars worldwide.

Maybe people were not happy with the idea of a new Charlie Angels. It’s not like the real cats could not have made another part together. It was too early for a reboot. They could have assembled something with the cats of 2000’s Charlie Angle. It would have been more epic to watch.

Flop Movies Charlie angels

It was a highly awaited movie it even had a cameo by Noah Centineo. It was Kristen Stewart’s first mainstream movie after years. On the contrary, her ex Rober Pattinson has a big project Batman lined up for the next year.

Hell Boy

Budget: 50 million USD

Box office: 45 million USD

Hell boy is another classic movie to watch. But it seems like the remake did not get enough recognition and failed to make its mark at the Box office like many other good movies. Like we mentioned before, maybe people want to see something good and new at Big screens. Whereas movies like Shazam and Avengers gained a lot at the box office as they brought thrill and excitement with new plots and daring choices on the screen for their audience. It was not the classic one directed by Neil Marshall. It was also one of the flop movies.

Flop Movies: Hell Boy

Terminator: Dark Fate

Budget: 196 million USD

Box office: 250 million USD

Just like Dark Phoniex, It was a movie and deserved more recognition. It had a thrilling plot and we got Terminator movie after so long. Maybe people want something more something new rather than the remakes and sequels.

However, it was a thrilling yet captivating movie and sadly it could not gain more at the box office and could not attract the audience as well. Also one of the flop movies

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.