Bill Gates Covid-19 Vaccine

Bill Gates wants to vaccinate all 7 billion people on Earth

According to worldometers, there are currently 1,837,393 COVID-19 cases around the world, with over 113,200 deaths. COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The United States of America is suffering the most from this virus. There are a total of 550,655 cases in the USA, with over 21,667 deaths. Like the USA, there are many other countries under lockdown. There is no cure nor a vaccine developed yet, so the only thing the government can do is to impose strict rules so people start taking precautions hence minimizing the risk of getting Coronavirus.

Different health and research institutes are working on the vaccine and cure for the coronavirus. This urgent and high-speed research is working on two ends, one is to come up with the cure to treat the currently infected patients, the second is to create a vaccine to provide people immunity against this deadly virus. The origin of Coronavirus was Wuhan, China but they were able to minimize the damage by taking precautions and sealing the whole city.

Bill Gates funding vaccine programs and WHO

Bill gates claim that effective coronavirus vaccine is 1.5 years away but some already developed vaccines are showing promising results. His funding led to seven coronavirus vaccines.

According to him:

Our early money can accelerate things, a few billion is worth it.

Bill Gates funding vaccine program and WHO

So the question arises, will his funding be able to lead towards the development of an effective vaccine or is he going to lose “few billion dollars”?

BBC: Bill Gates interview.

However, people don’t trust Bill Gates and are assuming that he is doing all this to earn more money from the vaccine. Why would they? Bill Gates suddenly became a medical expert working on a vaccine leaving Microsoft.

Many British Researchers are claiming that vaccine will be ready in less six months, we hope that is true and they come up with a working vaccine since COVID is not only damaging us, it is damaging world economy too.

According to Sourabh Gupta:

There will be financial disruptions and the fiscal cost of rescue will severely burden the U.S. government’s budget position for a long time to come. But it won’t induce a domestic or global financial crisis.

Apple and Google to help in this Global Pandemic

Other Multi Billionaire Companies like Apple and Google are helping in this Pandemic in their own way. They are working on a smartphone application that will let you know when you have come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person. It will be used by public health authorities to trace the spread of Coronavirus.

This application will rely on Bluetooth signals, you can also notify health authorities through the application if you come across a COVID-19 positive person.

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