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Black Adam Origin and Rock Johnson’s role.

Black Adam is one of the important and famous characters of the DC comics. It has been around for quite long now. But after years and years, we are going to see the character on the big screen. Not only the concept is highly demanded but Rock is phenomenal and famous.

We are going to discuss the origin of Black Adam in the comics and how are they going to bring the character on the big screens.

Black Adam is one of the DC characters who deserve to be on the big screens right now.

Who is Black Adam

We get to witness the whole Black Adam concept in the Shazam and Captain Marvel. Shazam was recently brought to the bug screens by DC. Shazaam did a good business at the box office and the ratings were good as well.

However, In comic Captain Marvel and Shazam are one person. In movies, we have seen two completely different characters played by completely opposite people.

However, the question rises who is Black Adam? Black Adams is the opposite of Shazam. He has the same powers as Shazam. But Black Adam is a little different than our typical villains.

Black Adams is an anti-hero. However, the origin is quite different. Teth-Adams was the son of Egyptian Pharoh and he worked for the well-being of the people.

Who is Theo Adams?

Theo Adams is a descendant of teth-Adams. In comics, Theo Adams killed Billy Batson’s parents and stole the power from the grave of Teth-Adams and became a similar version of Shazam.

Black Adam and Shazam

We saw a completely different enemy in the Shazam movie. However, Theo Adams was defeated by Shazam. He was changed back to teth-Adam in his old and fragile state disappearing into dust.

They later changed a lot of facts from the plot. They even showed that Teth-Adam and Theo Adams are two completely different people with different backstories.

Rock playing Role of Black Adams

It was recently announced by Rock in his recent tweets that he is going to play the role of Black Adams in the DC movies. He is clearly excited about the upcoming projects.

There is even a picture of him available on the internet as Black

Joker 2 is happening

About Movie

DC is definitely working on the solo movie based on Black Adams. However, Black Adams can also appear in the Shazam sequel as well as Batman. Robert Pattinson’s new Batman movie is highly awaited right now. After the success of Joker, fans are truly waiting for the batman movie as well.

But, there is a huge possibility that the Black Adam’s character can be introduced in the Shazam sequel first and then DC will go for the solo one. It truly depends upon them.

Release date

There is not enough about the release date. It is too early to say anything about the movie yet. However, we will keep you updated about the newest information related to Black Adams.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.