Black Summer Season 2 Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Black Summer Season 2 Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Black Summer is returning to Netflix this year. However, the show was expected to start filming in 2020. But, due to the pandemic and lockdown situation, we have to wait a little more before we can see Black Summer Season 2. The show has an average rating, but it is still loved by fans. This is why Netflix is bringing this show back. There were rumors that the show is canceled.

Black Summer Season 2

The executive producer of the show Jodi Binstock also said this about the show:

“Really, the only similarity between Z Nation and Black Summer is that the Black Summer is the first summer that Z Nation took place in,” Binstock revealed. “Z Nation, when it begins, is in year four of the zombie apocalypse. Black Summer is three months in; this is the first outbreak, this is when all the sh*t’s hitting the fan. It’s not tongue-in-cheek at all. It is as realistic as any television I’ve ever seen.”

The show is a prequel to the show Z-nation. Z-nation was canceled by Netflix. Black summer is a prequel to Z-nation. Even though black summer is not similar to its parent show. The show takes place at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. The main character Rose is finding her lost daughter and meets with the group of survivors. The original show is canceled but black summer is getting another season.

Black Summer Season 2 Release Date

Netflix announced the renewal of the show in 2019. The filming of the show was expected to start by September 2020, but due to the lockdown reasons, they had to postpone. We might get season 2 of the show by the end of 2021.No confirmed release date is announced yet.


The show ended with a cliff-hanger. Sun, Rose, and Spears were the only survivors. Rose was motivated to find and reunite with her daughter. Spears was also motivated to help Rose. Rose had to shoot Vallez to mercy kill him as he was slowing the group down after his injury. We got to see a happy moment of Rose reuniting with her mother. But, the group of survivors will face the worst in the second season as a horde is approaching them. The newly formed group of survivors lack zombie-killing skills.

Black Summer Season 2

Black Summer Season 2 Cast

Jaime King, Kelsey Flower, Justin Chu Cary all are returning for their roles in season 2. There is no news yet if we will see some new faces in Black Summer Season 2

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